Black Manta

Black Manta

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the other League

Task Force Elite

Shadow group of heroes called together by Anasi to destroy the coming evil of Asteroth and the demon horde to Earth. The demon abominations have ripped a portal to earths dimension. Demon acolytes are building a new Dooms Doorway at the deepest depth of the ocean where water and fire flow together thru the subterranean world of kothac.

Bronze Tiger goes from the floating Island of Slaughter to the mystic halls of Nanda Parbat, legendary Atlantis and the underground world of cloak and dagger to recruit a master class team of specialist; dedicated to do whatever it takes to eliminate all threats to Earth, interplanetary foreign or super villain domestic.

Bronze Tiger, Aquaman, Nubia, Dawn Manitou, ColdCast, Hardware, Fire and Ice come together as Task Force Elite.

This is my official DREAM TEAM with an exception of a few people I want to throw in. Who would your team consist of with Bronze Tiger, Aquaman and Nubia running point? What other six members would be in the line up?


  1. well i'm kinda outta my element here since i've never been into RPGs. i had to do a quick Wiki search on Nubia, Cold Cast and Dawn Manitou cause i'd never even heard of em. seems like you got a pretty well rounded team together already as far as i can tell. but considering that you'll be dealing with demons it not be a bad idea to have Dr. Fate on the roster too.

    1. My friend your never out of your element. Your a comics guy this is what we do, talk about comics.

      Task Force Elite is the book I want to spend my 3 or 4 dollars on like the ton of other titles I buy. I know everybody in this genre has their ideal team put together. This is the post to let it be known. With Bronze Tiger, Aquaman and Nubia as the big three. Who would be your squad?

      The SS rpg picture is an older illustration of a mission to Atlantis, the TFE's first mission is under the ocean. Just thought it would be cool to throw it in.

  2. Hey OA! Nice post!

    I'd go with BT, Bronze Tiger and Aquaman, then Major Disaster, Steel, Jason Blood, Big Barda, Raven and Katanna from the Outsiders.

    Loved your choice of Hardware - if It wasn't copying I would've grabbed him too!

  3. Dan wish I had of caught you when u posted. We could have had a few drinks and talked super heroes. Love your line up though, Barda is my girl and the thing they have going on with Katana talking to her husband inside the sword is goood stuff.

    The Demon...I guess u fight demons uummm with a demon, or demon slayer. Thanks for posting guy.