Black Manta

Black Manta

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who's the Baddest !!!!

Ok cosplayers this ones for the heroines that's not afraid to show the hero inside and the ones that know I adore roleplay. Nt way ... here's my suped up Xst over with a splash of anime version of cosplay bliss.
Looking thru hundreds of fan pics and convention galleries I could only come across Vixen, Harly Quinn, thousands of Ivy's but finding the other Squad members took some real hunting and I still had to substitute NightShade and Plastique. Still in the spirit of cosplay I tried to let more than just my team shine.

And as far as a team shots go the Avengers represented
better than the real book.

but For The Win !
Young Justice

that's all I got for right now guys and to all the players, your outfits were beyond good.
They were amazing. Until next time
Long live the Squad.