Black Manta

Black Manta

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Draugr ! !

It's the song that calls the dead. 

It's the song that lies.
The messenger sang of the Blighted Host...of slaughter and carrion...
of filth and vermin...Deceit and insanity, of torture and seduction and of Rage.

"It said 
the Doommaidens are rising"

But before the Doommaidens come, 
the world will be run thru by Draugr.


the Fearless Defenders has jumped off to a good start. It's plot, theme and feel is really strong and has laid down a good foundation for the characters. The art work is nice; right in the middle of animated and highly detailed. It's full of action with the right amount of light hearted sarcasm without being corny (so far). The three lead characters Valkyrie, Misty Knight and Moonstar are perfect. If they add in a guy to this group (Gunhawk, Reno Jones)  it should add to the awesomeness of what's a must read for you action adventure types. I say grab you a flying horse a bionic arm and a bow and arrow and get to it.

Draugr are undead Nordic warriors of Skyrim. Draugr once served Dragons; some even know several words of power. they await you in the deepest tombs and darkest shadows of  Tamriel. You Skyrim players know what I'm talking about.

 the Dragonborn comes...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pencils and Pens

Interpretation                                                                                 is Everything

Bronze Tiger BATB: Zealand Jones
This is a favorite of mine. Wish BT had made more appearances on 
the Brave and the Bold.

Vixen and the Falcon: Peter Temple
Shlomo sent me this one. I don't really know Mr.Temple but he's one of my favorite artist.
And this is my choice look for BT by Peter. Matter of fact I wouldn't mind if BT was a Marvel character. He'd probably be better off.

Doom vs Suicide Squad: Comic Vine
 Doom is an enemy of the whole world. 
Why not every universe?

DSC Bronze Tiger: Tulio 19mx deviantArt
This guy has the look down pack, modern temp fade hair cut, 
bandolier type chest piece etc.
I like the direction the face is going in. Great concept.

Task ForceX: Shlomo the man deviantArt
Young Justice never did finish the League of shadows story line
and got cancelled before they could roll into the Legends story arc
but it would have been niiiice to see Bronze Tiger and Deadshot do their thing on YJ.

Suicide Squad #0: ledkilla, deviantArt
And here is the newest crew to call themselves the Squad.

Bronze Tiger origin Who's Who DC comics

Friday, March 1, 2013

He who writes History

Tariq  ibn  Ziyad
the conqueror of Spain

Tariq, the great African chief of the Moors 
was made general of the Arab army and subjugated Spain increasing Moorish holdings northward into the Iberian Penisular. The Arabs and Africans of North Africa joined forces after bitter conflict. But now trade, commerce and the islamic faith connected the Moors and Arabs into one of the most powerful global forces of that era (beating the Romans and the Persians). 

The Moors were African warrior scholars and part of the Islamic Empire, and Tariq ibn Ziyad was it's brightest commander. A brilliant general, a man of faith and unwavering determination. 

Tariq gathered his troops at Gibraltar (which means the mountain of Tariq) then landed on the Spanish coast with his Moorish warriors, 300 Arabs and 7000 native African Moors. Then he ordered the ships to be burned! When asked why, Tariq said "We will conquer or perish" And in their first engagement with the Visigoths upon landing, Tariq  killed the Visigoth Lord Theodore Meir.

 The next wave of Goths came with Rodriquez and his 80,000 men. The Moors and Arabs were superior in the art of mobile warfare. they were superb horsemen and had mastered the art of rapid enveloping movements. There was no contest. Even though the Muslims were outnumbered, the Visigoths were cut to pieces. Rodriquez was slain in battle with all his men. From there Tariq and his Black army swept into Spain and defeated the Visigoths in successive stages. 

The bloodiest battle was at Guadalete. This time Tariq faced 100,000 Goths. With his 7,000 Moors and 5,000  Berber reinforcements (Barbary pirates of Africa). Tariq annihilated the Visigoth King Roderick and drowned him in the river Barbate. Tariq divided his small army into four divisions and three of his lieutenants were sent to take Cordova, Malaga and Granada. Tariq himself at the head of his army took Toledo, the capital of Spain. The Moors were unstoppable, and Visigothic  Spain ceased to be. The few Visigoths left fled to the caves of the Cantabrian mountains.

Tariq stood King in Africa and Spain
(Chief in Morocco and Governor of Spain)

The Moors brought art, science and culture. They built palaces where African monarchs ruled. They built gardens, hospitals mosques and libraries, well paved streets with sidewalks, public baths in the hundreds when cleanliness in Europe was considered a sin. This was the beginning of the Golden age of Islam. The oppressed masses of Jews and white serfs (slaves) of Spain hailed Tariq as their liberator. Serfdom's were abolished and fair wages were instituted. Taxes were reduced to a fifth of the produce and anyone who accepted Islam was relieved of servitude. A large number of Spaniards became Muslim to escape  the oppression of their former masters. The religious minorities the Jews and Christians, received the protection of the state and were allowed participation at the highest levels of government. The Moors enlightened Europe and brought it out of the dark ages that ushered in the renaissance.

The Moors ruled Spain, Southern France and much of Scotland and Northern Africa during the middle ages for 700 years.
two thirds of the Spanish peninsula was renamed by the Moors as Al-Andalus
(Spain, Portugal,Gibraltar, and France)

on a comic note, the Bronze Tiger has fought with and against the Jewish Superhero team the Hayoth. It's a lot of untold stories to be told on Ben's solo exploits. 

OA1 presents
Operation: Iron Tiger