Black Manta

Black Manta

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Comic Con 2013: the Cosplay experience

Coming of a Geek Planet

what I've been hearing is cosplay is the new cool, the next big thing, 
and Geek is good. I know Geek girls rule, in which cosplay has released
the dormant powers, the expressive feminine appeal and the over all
awesomeness of our heroine teammates.

Lady Sagat

Misty Knight

Velma: Zombie Hunter 2012 
I like the concept. So she makes the cut

Captain Universe


And  for us guys cosplay has also revealed the dormant chivalry
and heroic nature of us workaholics and sofa coaches. 
You do get some creeps out of the lot.
But overall thru cosplay we become 

the Black Panther

Power man and Iron Fist

                          Cable                                                             Redhood


No matter what universe you like better 
or what super team you side with
suit up have fun and 



If you could put together a costume
 hooked up exactly how you want it sparing nothing. 
Who would you go as?
What would your equipment do?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jungle Fever

is the essence of nineteenth century romanticism and the twentieth century ecological movement.
Green Mansions
explores love somewhere between reality and imagination

1st true appearance is in W.H. Hudson's 1904 novel 
a Romance of the Tropical Forest (Green Mansions)
Rima comes from a lost white tribe in the Venezuelan mountains. 
An exotic beauty with ash blonde hair,
can communicate with animals and is an expert in wilderness survival. 
She has an affinity to animals
and can communicate with them through an understanding of sounds and calls. 
She's been called  Rima the bird girl; 
however her main companions in the comics is a rare white Jaguar and a Bear.

Rima went from novel to movie to her own 7 issue run from DC comics.
Joe Kubert: covers
Nestor Redondo: interior art

Rima appeared in three episodes of the Super Friends

Fire / River of Doom / Return to Atlantis

 re-imagined in a 2010 mini series Next Wave

W.H. Hudson was also the founder of 
the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.
Therefore a memorial to him and a testaments to the character he created
Rima has her own statue in London's Hyde Park

..... and I just thought Rima was a sexy female knockoff of Tarzan.
Who knew this character would become the member of the Super Friends with
so much unknown cultural importance?