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Black Manta

Friday, April 20, 2012

the Elementals: Wu-Xing 5 elements of Kung Fu

These are the top 5 fighters from the Marvel and DC Universe that represent the senior animal styles of Kung Fu and the 5 elemental forms known as the Wu-Xing. Each one of these warriors in comics or in writing have shown and do possess this fighting style and elemental power. Where did I pull the information from you ask? Jong Hap Mu Sool, List of martial arts around the world,  internet references, comics of these characters read thru the years, Kung Fu Gold theater and my own interpretation of what I see. Now, with that out the way, how does this Wu-Xing work?

Wu-Xing  Elements
Metal-which cuts                                    Metal collects water
Water-which flows                                 Water feeds wood
Wood-which splits                                   Wood feeds fire
Fire-which rises                                 Fire feeds earth
Earth-which contains                                    Earth births metal

And were all connected in the circle of life. On the real, I looked up and over all this stuff trying to figure out who was the top 10 fighters in comics.
I didn't forget
Wolverine, Blade, Deathstroke, Nightwing, Lady Shiva, Shang Chi, Daredevil bla bla bla. Everybody I just named been beat by the guys at the top or been beat by somebody that these guys beat the crap out of so they don't make the top 5 list. But I do want to here how you rank the top 10 in order and why?

Bruce Wayne: Batman / Metal         City: Gotham                                Snake style /  the Vibrating hand

Danny Rand: Iron Fist / Earth               City: New York                          Dragon style /  Iron Fist
T'Challa: Black Panther/Water City: Wakanda                  style Panther / Shadow Fang

Benjamin Turner: BronzeTiger / Fire  City:Central                                Tiger style / Invincible Armor

Steve Rodgers: Captain America Wood                City: New York Eagle style  /  Steel Talon 


  1. if all these guys were real i could take em all out with my fighting style, Kung Pao! ok seriously all these distinct fighting styles very interesting. have you ever heard of Krav Maga? it's a specialized form of Israel martial arts that focuses largely on fighting multiple combatants at once and how to fight armed opponents if you happened to be unarmed your self. i'll pass this posting along to at least one other person i think will be happy to see a certain martial artist from Marvel here.

    1. Strike,lock,throw,grapple of course. No I looked it up, cool and very deadly.

      Krav Maga sounds like a tough name for a new character, ohhh I should of kept that to myself. I am writing that down though. "The Bronze Tiger faces the deadly hands of Krav Maga"

      Dude I should get off my ass and create my own comic.

    2. well then just get off your ass and check your email i just sent you the means to do something similar to your own comic book but this is way less work and almost as cool in some ways.

  2. This is straight up cool. I wonder how you got/gathered the type of styles theses guys use though. Like Cap for example. He really just uses whatever martial art training was available back then combined with boxing and judo. So I don't think he's ever explained what he style he uses. Maybe he's like Bruce lee, and doesn't prefer to name a specific style, just uses whatever type of style fits him.

    As for Iron Fist, did you gather all that from Fraction's series, or from his past series or what?
    Great stuff man.

    I'd like to see what style Black Canary, Deathstroke, Shiva, Green Arrow, and the asian Batgirl(sorry the name escapes me right now) use.

    1. I played with some of this but no shit I put it together from comics. Cap and Wolverine fought some ninja together and the name steel talon was used.

      Iron Fist origin and fight style is so common knowledge. The same goes for the other guys. Bronze Tiger fought the Steal Wolf who has super strenght the Tiger ends up busting his ear drums, Kung Fu flick Invincible Armor.

      Where do the comic writers get the look, feel and story from? Other source material. they just put their own twist to it (sometimes).

      Click on the Bronze Tiger image to the left. It's a video of Tiger Style kung fu. I put there for a reason. On the real I read comics but I also read into comics.

  3. Interesting profiles..All of them are highly respected..I am surprised Shang Chi did not make the list though

    1. Preciate it. Glad you stopped by. Shang Chi is so high calibur and I luv the guy but this is the top five. In the squared circle the octagon or no.... a life or death situation, I don't think anybody can beat one of these five guys.