Black Manta

Black Manta

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the Gears of War

COG's and Customs
Lately I've been into customizing, and at the moment DCUC and Marvel Legends are the artisans choice (comics are at the forefront). Anyway my nephew is into Gears of War. So for his birthday, a personal COG soldier was his present from uncle OA1.
 I used a Marvel Legends War Machine. I like the Gears of War video game and the action figures have all kinds of detailed goodness. But for me they are to chunky looking, especially the boots. I hate the boots and I hate the stiff static movements. Most of them can't even hold their weapons with two hands.

Enter Dominique Damir: COG commander
 fully articulated action figure, battle ready, detailed and ready to join my nephew's legion of 6inch figures. He looks like a younger COG soldier posed with Marcus Phenix and company . So he works well with both lines of figures.

Every figure that I do has to have removable gear of some kind and extra weapons. With this guy it's a removable helmet, lancer and a golden original lancer. Still for me it's the option to pose your figure that's most important. It has to be good quality, but the articulation is king.

I AM Vigilant and Unyielding in my pursuit of the enemy.
I will Defend and Protect my family and fellow man.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

the Walking Dead

Zombie Apocalypse

The mid season finale of the Walking Dead was Dead ass on point! If you haven't been watching ...well you missed a good one. To those who's been running from Atlanta to Woodberry with Rick and the crew has watched them come from a bunch of scared confused victims to a crack unit of walker killing commandos.

They've lost a couple of people along the way and to add insult to injury they now face the threat of human beings that have lost their humanity following an evil tyrant torturing and killing people for personal gain and power. It's no excuse for it now, but in a zombie apocalypse where all people everywhere should stick together this bastards ego tripping can't be tolerated. The Suicide Squad has also had several run ins with zombies, roamers, walkers or whatever you want to call em.

In the second season of the Walking Dead one controversy among the group was who do you side with, Team Shane or Team Rick? Me; I'm team Rick and if I had to pick a team, a starting line up if you will, this is it.
Daryl, Michonne, Glen, Andrea, Maggie and Carl
(Tyreese hasn't come into the group yet)

For a super zombie fighting undead killing Squad,
Team Tiger would be
Deadshot, Nubia, Nightshade, Vixen, Plastique and Captain Boomerang
What would be your zombie fighting line up?
And if you don't know who Nubia is here's the link
Final thought.....who do trust?