Black Manta

Black Manta

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the other League

Task Force Elite

Shadow group of heroes called together by Anasi to destroy the coming evil of Asteroth and the demon horde to Earth. The demon abominations have ripped a portal to earths dimension. Demon acolytes are building a new Dooms Doorway at the deepest depth of the ocean where water and fire flow together thru the subterranean world of kothac.

Bronze Tiger goes from the floating Island of Slaughter to the mystic halls of Nanda Parbat, legendary Atlantis and the underground world of cloak and dagger to recruit a master class team of specialist; dedicated to do whatever it takes to eliminate all threats to Earth, interplanetary foreign or super villain domestic.

Bronze Tiger, Aquaman, Nubia, Dawn Manitou, ColdCast, Hardware, Fire and Ice come together as Task Force Elite.

This is my official DREAM TEAM with an exception of a few people I want to throw in. Who would your team consist of with Bronze Tiger, Aquaman and Nubia running point? What other six members would be in the line up?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Iron Fist vs Bronze Tiger

Here is a Marvel vs DC battle and team up I'm sure we all want to see. Cortices of my man David over at the Suicide Squad/TaskForce X

I have to admit this is something I've been wanting to read for like forever. Now fight promoters, bookies, boys and girls what two characters would you put together for the ultimate team up?

This is a magazine I wanted to start inspired by the mini series Legends that also introduced my team the Suicide squad. If anybody can guess who the Lady is in this new team of heroes I'll give them 7 Storm Ridah points. And the first person  who quesses I'll post(almost) any comics related material you send to my email

Monday, January 9, 2012


In the new 52 universe where what we use to know is not what we know, the Bronze Tiger hasn't shown up in the Suicide Squad title yet. We don't know if he'll show up at all or how he'll be represented (Harley Quinn , Deadshot).

Soooo here's how the number one martial artist of the DCU's skills and powers should be done.

Because martial arts represents superior fighting systems developed to enhance the human mind, body and spirit to it's maximum physical and mental abilities.

And what is acheived at the highest levels of Kung Fu.......SUPER HUMAN POWERS to make a long story short; Magic Kung Fu.

With all that said. Heres the challenge for any comic guy or girl that might be tuned in.

1. Can you name any other martial arts character that has powers.
2. Can you name any martial arts style assossiated with a character.
3. Tell me why the Tiger shouldn't have em.