Black Manta

Black Manta

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Red Dead Redemption

Traveling on a constant loop thru space and time, I Benjamin Turner aka the Bronze Tiger arrived in the American west. The year 1911 and the experience of the wild west is much wilder, more beautiful and more deadly than they show you on the western channel or in a spaghetti western from Sergio Leone. John Marston.....a man I rode with on many occasions trying to find my way back to the future.
Marston was an Outlaw turned family man, rancher that has gotten caught up in a government conspiracy to rid the territory of a criminal gang of killers he use to call friends. Marston's wife and son's life hang in the balance as he desperately fight for their lives and his own redemption for past crimes and regrets (sound familiar?). With this warrior of the west I found a kinship a brotherhood as we rode thru New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso and West Elizabeth: gunfighting, roping, riding and Marston showed me a new definition for dragging ass.

the Red Dead Redemption of John Marston crossed paths with some colorful hombres, real killers some of these men were forced to do wrong others just dead ass wrong or dead ass crazy.

the women that play this game of cowboys and Indians are as tough, skilled and beautiful as the western landscape itself. One of the most prominent cattlemen in New Austin is a woman. Bonnie McFarlane, strong, focused and taking no nonsense. Bonnie is virtuous and vulnerable but is in no way wolf bait. I embody the spirit of the Tiger, Bonnie has the spirit of an unbroken mare a true prize to a cowboy that can rope her. Down in Nuevo Paraiso is a beautiful desert flower with thorns; Luisa Fortuna has the heart to fight a corrupt gov. and the highest fidelity to the cause, a real revolutionary. My little sister makes me proud to see her work. And if you don't respect her G you better hope she doesn't call on me.

Here are some more Outlaws that I know

Don't think I forgot Tuco. Captain Boomerang is the Tuco of the Suicide Squad. The misunderstood, underestimated ass hole. Tuco is aggravating but entertaining, skilled and as fatal as anyone of the men up top. Secretly one of my favorite operatives to work with on the Squad even though I have to check this dummy to often.

If Red Dead Redemption was a video game It would be the best damn game I ever played. It's escapism on steroids. This game is better than 80% of the movies these days. Matter of fact Red Dead should be a movie. The closest thing to it right now is Hell on Wheels. If you haven't seen it, check it out. It's John Marston on TV.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The 5 Year Fix: Young Justice

Young Justice has been arresting animation that's been full of action from the word go. Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman has put together an animation series that's an instant classic and is already one of the greatest shows ever produced. Each episode has been one homerun hit after the other giving every DC fan exactly what we want from each young titan; and some superfriend backup from the JLA. Which leads right into Alienated. I was a little sceptical of the 5 year jump, especially after Zatanna and Rocket had just been introduced. It was some things that hadn't been dealt with, the focus was moving away from the young justice team and it was a little to much JLA. Well.....all my doubts were put to rest.

The show opens up with Bumble Bee and Blue Beetle chasing a Krolotean. The alien escapes thru the sewers and joins Black Manta on a smaller version of the Manta sub. At home base Ms. Martian returns from the zeta team mission with zeta beam intel and the answers to the missing 16hrs of the seven JLA members that was brainwashed by Vandal Savage.

A disturbing development with Ms. Martian's mindreading abilities has been leaving Kroloteans slobbering vegetables, but it leads the teams to a secret island hideout. This is where it really gets good. The island is crawling with manta men and we get to see the Darkknight detective at his kick ass best. Black Manta is revealed as Kaldur'ahm, he opens up his own can of whoop ass on the team and as it looks like the manta men and Kroloteans might overrun our heroes, Superman and Kon-El burst in with Wonder Woman and Wonder girl to turn the tide.

This episode was so good I have to give a shout out to the director MelZweyer and the writer of this episode Kevin Hopps. They get the highest reconition for this one, the ep. had everything. Aquaman had a good showing,

 Nightwing and the Bat family show all kinds of coordinated muscle and finesse.

  Aqualad's shrewed leadership and combat skills are on full display as well. But the show stopper was the confrontation between Kaldur and superboy, it  had a grown man jumping off of the sofa like a kid. To see his power progression and character growth amplified my interest in the show and DC as a whole. I always talk about how good Geoff Johns has done with Black Manta. Vietti and Weisman are right there with him running neck and neck making Black Manta into a top flight villain.

Kaldur has now taken his fathers mantle as the Black Manta, hopefully when he really sees the light and return to being a hero he'll come back with a new codename and Garth can become Aqualad.
Nightwing has jumped up the ranks on my favorites list. His smart and empathetic leadership added to his fighting and tactical skills are just ..... plus 10. Even as reluctant rivals Kaldur and Nightwing really don't want to hurt each other. Dick showed this by not ambushing him and trying to talk to his friend about the situation. Kaldur showed the same by not killing Kal-El and telling Nightwing exactly how long he had to evacuate the rest of the team so they wouldn't die in the explosion.
Alienated is tough guy awesomness.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Quantum Mechanix:


I'm a character driven kind of guy so my pull list reads like this; Aquaman, Batman, Black Panther, Blade, Hawkeye, IronFist, the Submariner, their spinoff books or books they frequent; toss in a Jedi here and a Green Lantern there and you got a dude that spends alot of damn money on comic books. Now with that being said the Bronze Tiger is one of those characters that I want to read about and he has no book (thanks DC). So here's the second wave of covers of a nine cover series.

fan Artist: Peter Temple
                                                                                                    These two covers are a repanel of fan art that someone at DC should really take a look at and consider what we like.  I plugged in the names of some artist and writer team ups that I enjoyed or would like to see together. When I read see Wakanda and Die from Jason Aaron I was hooked on phonics. His story telling is amazing.  At the bottom I had to give give it up to Jan Duursema. Her work on Legacy, Star Wars Republic and a battery of other projects makes me want to see if she could bring the force to BT vs Kobra.

Everybody knows what Scott Snyder is doing with the court of owls storyline and the team up of Palo and Loughridge speak for itself. Until cover 6. long live the Squad