Black Manta

Black Manta

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bronze Tiger: Rogues Gallery


Every hero has a list of bad guys that hate him or her so bad that all they dream of is the undoing of said hero. Death, financial ruin, public humiliation, torture are just for starters, the tip of the iceberg in plots and schemes to obliterate the person who's the cause of their pain, real or imagined.

What could cause a person to want your woman, kids, company, to even want your damn dog? Lex has every material thing a man could want but his hatred for a newspaper reporter has no bounds. A self inflicted injury and a case of narcissism off the charts makes Dr.Doom the enemy of the whole world.

You see where I'm going with this? For every evil it has to be a champion. And every champion has a gallery of rogues. A list of bad guys so nasty and diabolical that we can't stand them. We hate the things they do so much we love to see the good guys beat the shit out of em repeatedly. I mean send them to jail.

For the worlds greatest martial arts super spy the Bronze Tiger, I put together this list I'm calling the 5 deadly venom.

These are five of the worlds most dangerous chief super villains with direct connections to the Tiger

1. The Janus Directive
2.The Demon Head and death of Kathy Kane
3.Operation: Atlantis
4.Sarge Steel
5.Final Battle into Apocalypse

So what do you think? Who would you add or who would you replace and how does this rogues list match up against

the Sinister Six

the Rogues

Batman villains

Friday, July 20, 2012

earth 2: Justice Society of America

the JSA

I don't really know why DC comics has so many different earths. Earth 1, Earth7, Earth16 or so many duplicates of the same character. Whatever the case I was raised in this genre on the Super Friends. Eventually I was introduced to the Justice Society of America and even today I don't think I respect another super hero team as much as this team of Heroes. Jay, Alan and Fate were always the top tier for me now they go and do what they did to Alan Scott in the new earth2. I'm just going to say I don't like it and keep it moving.

The current earth2 series is going to retool all of the JSA into younger and different versions of the original. Besides my one major gripe the book has been OK. Until book3 and it moved into AWESOMENESS!!! The first redesigned villain to show up is none other than the living zombie.........


The Warlord / Gladiator  trappings, rot damaged body and a new power set to boot. This is a seriously dangerous and visually imposing character. I'm overly impressed.

Solomon Grundy is one of the 13 members of the Legion of Doom.
Who would be in your 13 member line up?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Suicide Squad 11: is a dead end

The Glory Days are gone if they ever were

The days when you could read an issue of the Suicide Squad and each issue felt complete even as the story lead right into the next issue is now none existent. This new SS series is a sad excuse for character development. The story moves to fast without any substance and the weak and reckless use of pen to paper is sad and offensive.

I've been looking at Amanda Waller for eleven issues now, smoking cigarettes being an ass hole for no apparent reason. This time she rams a chair in the neck of Diablo, a show of power that was more deflating than threatening. The point she was trying to make was useless. Null and void even. This is not the smart and imposing women that exploded from the ashes of obscure character into A list heroin.

Deadshot is even worse. This version of Deadshot is not hard. He is not tough, not a leader and he's NOT the cool ass gun slinging don't give a damn outlaw that you love to hate and hate to love. Where the Hell is Floyd Lawton? This guy is a pretty nothing with a jacked up costume. Trick or Treat  _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ , but don't believe your fooling me buddy. Your using Black Spider as the whooping boy and making a real life example of a character that was already low on the totem pole to try and make this shitty version of Deadshot look his superior. Your trying to sell a professional vigilante ninja not being able to block or redirect a physical attack from a gunman.   The first major offense was Black Spider getting shot from an uncharacteristic move from a man of stealth. Add in not one full detailed drawing from your artist and no, quote on quote "karate moves" have we seen in the book. Not to mention the little joke from the Ofae.

To tell the truth, if Harley Quinn wasn't on the team the book would have been cancelled. If I'm not mistaken some other writer said she was going to sit back and wait for this book to fail. Lil buddy, I hope you plan to disappoint even though this issue so disappoints.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Deviant Arts: the killer tapes

The Shadow Hunter
continues to slash thru the snake holes of Basilisk as the serpent blood of Lord Naga's terror cells overflow in the Bronze Tiger's quest to cut off the head of Lord Naga himself. The snake tracks leads the Tiger to a manufacturing company full of reptile genetic abominations, ready to be fully released onto a suburban town where deaths have been swelling. This time it seems like a familiar cat has been on the trail of these same snakes. Catman,  finding himself overwhelmed and out numbered, is assisted as the Bronze Tiger descends from the rafters. The Shadow Hunter and the assassin of the Secret Six face .......

Death from the eyes of the Kobra

For those of you who don't know who Thomas Blake aka: Catman is
He's a member and former leader of the Secret Six.
And if you do know Catman you know the guy is no joke.
Along with OG killa Benjamin Turner
the snakes don't stand a chance ..... or do they?

What do you think of the Bronze Tiger / Catman team up?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

the Amazing Spiderman

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility

This not only goes for Spiderman. It also extends to the producers and screen writers of this film. People you have a template to work from! You didn't have to change Spiderman's origin to put your own creative spin to the movie.

The inclusion of  Peter's family was a great idea and could have replaced trying to re imagine Peter's high school relationships and experience's. Instead, the parents didn't even matter at all, they added nothing to the movie of any significance. The parents plus the high school crap made the film drag and drag for half the movie; another thing among many that was wrong, was Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Sally Fields and Martin Sheen are both great actors, I luv em both but they got casted to roles that were written completely wrong. Peter also never had enough time on screen being Spiderman. And why can't Spiderman keep his mask on, Damn! The Garfield guy was OK, not sarcastically funny at all,  and kind of a drama queen but OK.

The animation guys and that team of folks did a hell of job on the look and feel of the movie. The Lizard was done superbly  even though his head should have been more alligator than Killer Croc.

After the lizard premier I thought DC had lost their chance at putting Killer Croc in a movie, but that's a lie. Richard Dawson says..."DC gets to steal a chance at doing this right".

Emma Stone was renowned. Every frame that she showed up in helped hold the movie together. To bad it wasn't a movie about Gwen. The return of Spiderman's web shooters also helped. At the end, the movie tried to finish strong with action, fine swinging and a couple of action pauses. My crew still left the theater disappointed.With that being said.

 We all went as a group to see the movie, and in consensus we ranked the movie on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. 5 being the highest. This movie gets

2 and a half stars

Even though Spiderman III almost destroyed the franchise, the Amazing Spiderman is only a hyped up forgettable nothing.

The 10 greatest superhero movies of all time

1.the Avengers
3.Spiderman II
4.the Dark Knight
5.the Incredible Hulk
6.Batman Begins
7.Blade II
8.Iron Man
9.Superman (Christopher Reeves)
10.X-Men II

What's your top 10