Black Manta

Black Manta

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Mari McCabe, Vixen. When I see her, I see love story. From beginning to end everything about this character says romance, passion, drama, an adventure. Don't get me wrong, McCabe is no push over damsel in distress. She has skills and power on levels that can make guys have to step back. So what am I saying? I'm saying her design, how she's been depicted, her alter ego or job when she's out of uniform; everything about Vixen even the 80's fierce versions says fantasy love for us men and strong independent woman that needs  a strong man to the women that believe in the power of two. I was over at SoDae's sketchbox and it sparked the muse, and maybe the romantic flicker that's still left inside the ol'Boi.

I don't know who did this photo or who the model is but let me be the first to say....Girl you did this one! Absolutely beautiful. And conveys exactly who Vixen is. Exotic beauty all the power of the animal kingdom and the delicate vulnerability of nature. So who should play Vixen in a live action movie?


Who do you Love?
I'm ol'School Squad so these two together, whether they be together or not is what I want to see. True believers I think at heart I'm one of those heroic romantic at heart type of guys that always wanted to take the Last of the Mohicans approach to the right woman (Daniel Day Lewis).
Is that a character flaw? Anyway 

Comics have done a good job exploring love and adventure. Hawkeye and Mockingbird, Storm and the Black Panther, Vision and the Scarlett Witch.---well marvel has. DC does have Superman and Lois Lane. Justice League Unlimited had John Stewart and Hawkgirl the best love and love triangle story I've ever seen. And the product was War Hawk. How big is that!? but that's another post altogether. Bronze Tiger and Vixen could have been comic and animation greatness, especially if we saw Vixen help this to proud to ask for help spy guy discover and work thru his mystic connection to the elemental forces of WuShu.

For me, it was to cool to see your woman ride or die for you
and even cooler you riding for her.

I wanted to see more Vixen and Bronze Tigers friendship and love affair, to see him defend her with his life even though they can never be together. Return of the lion should have featured BT. Whisper A'Daire an LOA affiliate cameoed and that was the connection they could have made with the Tiger watching and stopping LOA major moves, letting Mari's safety be the most important motivation.
Now let's get to it, the casting of DC's super spy.
Who could play BT in a live action?

These are the three guys that come to mind. Maybe Marrese Crump or Boris Kodjoe?
Vixen: first appearance Action Comics #521
Created by Gerry Conway (writer) & Bob Oksner (artist)
Group Affiliation: Justice League America
Checkmate, Birds of Prey, Ultramarine Corps
Suicide Squad