Black Manta

Black Manta

Monday, April 30, 2012

new 52 mini series: Shadow Hunter

Bronze Tiger vs Lord Naga

The Suicide Squad's resident martial arts bad ass Benjamin Turner; AKA the Bronze Tiger gets his own nine cover mini series. Action, drama, intrigue and Animotion (new term/thanks Mr.Bagwell). BT squares off with Lord Naga, Kobras supreme cult leader and international terrorist. What's lord Naga's mo. technological sorcery, biological warfare, world wide espionage and more terror cells than zero's and one's. The United answer to the problem, release the Shadow of Death the Bronze Tiger.

If Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado handled this book how do you think it would compare to the six new releases from DC?

Who do you think should be the cast and who should make cameos?
I would surely not do an origin in the series. A one shot would do the job.

This is the first three issues in order. Check out the whip, the Barbies don't have a chance (of escape). just to be clear

Friday, April 20, 2012

the Elementals: Wu-Xing 5 elements of Kung Fu

These are the top 5 fighters from the Marvel and DC Universe that represent the senior animal styles of Kung Fu and the 5 elemental forms known as the Wu-Xing. Each one of these warriors in comics or in writing have shown and do possess this fighting style and elemental power. Where did I pull the information from you ask? Jong Hap Mu Sool, List of martial arts around the world,  internet references, comics of these characters read thru the years, Kung Fu Gold theater and my own interpretation of what I see. Now, with that out the way, how does this Wu-Xing work?

Wu-Xing  Elements
Metal-which cuts                                    Metal collects water
Water-which flows                                 Water feeds wood
Wood-which splits                                   Wood feeds fire
Fire-which rises                                 Fire feeds earth
Earth-which contains                                    Earth births metal

And were all connected in the circle of life. On the real, I looked up and over all this stuff trying to figure out who was the top 10 fighters in comics.
I didn't forget
Wolverine, Blade, Deathstroke, Nightwing, Lady Shiva, Shang Chi, Daredevil bla bla bla. Everybody I just named been beat by the guys at the top or been beat by somebody that these guys beat the crap out of so they don't make the top 5 list. But I do want to here how you rank the top 10 in order and why?

Bruce Wayne: Batman / Metal         City: Gotham                                Snake style /  the Vibrating hand

Danny Rand: Iron Fist / Earth               City: New York                          Dragon style /  Iron Fist
T'Challa: Black Panther/Water City: Wakanda                  style Panther / Shadow Fang

Benjamin Turner: BronzeTiger / Fire  City:Central                                Tiger style / Invincible Armor

Steve Rodgers: Captain America Wood                City: New York Eagle style  /  Steel Talon 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paradise Island: Nubia

Drop me off at this island with Nubia and you don't even need to come back.....matter of fact don't come back I'm straight! I guess you can see why/ so why is Nubia not back into DC continuity? It's 52 ways to relaunch ms Prince back into the books, more even. I'm not going to give you my why's. Just read the facts and on this one I really want to hear from the women of comics, movies and or reviews; especially  the Wonder Woman and Artemis fans.

At the height of Linda Carter's Wonder Woman television series, Nubia was to be introduced to the show. A mego or Barbie doll was also put together to go along with the series. Of course it didn't happen. This is a nice collectors item or toy. The four horsemen from DC Universe classics would be my maker of choice for a Nubia action figure. This would give the guys a way to get one too (just looking out).

Nubia is one of those characters that has everything. Backstory (needs to be updated though) A list connections, unique powers and weapons and a variety of different looks to build off of. So what's the problem? With vixen now being used goods in my eyes Nubia could be the the Love interest of the Bronze Tiger in his own title (DC gives everybody else one) or team title (see TaskforceX/the other league)

Nty-way Wonder Woman should get an animated series and Nubia should get some damn exposure.

Friday, April 13, 2012


TASKFORCE X: covert ops network created to fill the void of the retired JSA.
It originally consisted of two branches, the domestic branch/Argent and the international branch the Suicide Squad. Those groups eventuality dissolved until Amanda Waller put together her own version of this team (legends mini series) utterly ruthless, totally expendable. And what you got was the kick ass regiment of killers from Ostranders celebrated run. Later Project Cadmus and Checkmate were added to TaskforceX. Cadmus as a high tech genetic and weapons research division  
And Checkmate the worldwide charterd metahuman monitoring force whos operatives are modelled after pieces of a chessboard. One King one Queen and several Bishops. The Bishops oversaw the Rooks behind the scenes while the Rooks planned missions and supervised the field agents the Knights and Knights support paws.  Now a new system is in place, the rule of two. Each superpowered or enhanced member in  the Royal Family must have an unpowered counterpart in the same position of power.
The name TaskforceX has become synonymous with the Suicide Squad. But TaskforceX is actually a trinity of one. The operatives that work on behest of the government are called TFX. And those operatives that are deployed by Amanda Waller are called the Suicide Squad. The third group that operates as the Suicide Squad are employed or loyal only to Waller which is the true TaskforceX.

I almost got a migraine trying to wrap my head around who or what is TaskforceX. So I give it to you guys to see if you could figure out the enigma that is Amanda Waller.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Justice League Atlantis

Right now Aquaman #7 has me excited about reading comics again.

The introduction of this new team of Atlantians that obviously operates outside of water and have their own distinctive power set is a magnificent builder to the Aquaman mythos.   

The story opens with Kahina being chased thru the jungle searching frantically for Ya'Wara to help, hide or fight with her against the merciless terror of Black Manta. At this point it's learned that Manta is hunting the members of the other league because they each hold an ancient relic of importance and in this we have our next story arch; a mystery that actually started with the defeat of the Trench. Aquaman also has a piece of the puzzle that he takes to Dr.Stephen Shin who unlocks a holographic message.
But before R2 can turn off the message, a portal burst open and a sexy amazon (Atlantian) jumps thru attacks Shin and Mera takes over the fight. This is where we see Ya'Wara use her version of mental telepathy to call her black panther for help.

Let me tell you something true believers. This is the action I've been waiting for. I put together a team and post that almost mirror this team and come to find out, I didn't have to. Geoff and his squad did it for me. In a minute Aquaman may find his way on the A list with Batman,Superman and GreenLatern. And Black Manta with the same A+..... beside Lex, Sinestro and the Joker.