Black Manta

Black Manta

Friday, March 21, 2014

the Ostrander hotel

the Squad is Assembled

at least a first version debuted on Arrow yesterday. And I must say, It brought back a semblance of the real Ostrander Squad; international intrigue, romantic danger, lies, double crossing and of course the secret mission gone wrong ... the Suicide Squad.

I don't really like Dig em but he even fit in well with the mix and match team of criminals forced to do the bidding of the now slim and sexy Amanda Waller. Did I mention they even had the supposedly unnoticed unmarked van for a get away.

Amanda Waller


Bronze Tiger


I wonder is Shrapnel going to eventually look
 something like his comic version?

Layla (field leader)
Diggle her side kick

and my girl even had a teaser cameo

my favorite creepy sexy therapist, Harley Quinn

The episode had all of the elements of what the Suicide Squad is. 
A few more showings like this one, 
and nothing should be able to hold the Squad back from a full fledged spin off
 series or live action.. I got to admit ... this time the CW got it right.
Long live the Squad 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ghost Ship

Manta Sub

Black Manta's personal mission command center, flying arsenal and intergalactic star fighter. The Manta Ship the Wraith (so says OA1) is Manta's equivalent to the Batmobile. The Wraith captures the imagination with it's super cool fusion of organic efficiency and technological terror;  the design is / A plus. And the perfect compliment to the scourge of the seven seas.

I remember the Manta Ship taking the Legion of Doom into outer space, traveling thru time and even going head to head with the Invisible Jet and the Batplane.

DC comics is slipping. Syndrome from the incredibles
worked the Hell out of ------ wait for it ... the manta jet.

It's time to see a whole story revolving around the Wraith. It would be cool to see a complete drawing of the Manta Sub in action and seen from different angles of torpedo laser blasting awesomeness. 

Blow up Xebel, destroy some shitty Aquaman military vehicles, deploy the Manta Men against Atlantis, wreck havoc every damn where then burst out of the water flying to a remote Island paradise to drink Mai Tais and celebrate the victories with a harem of butt naked women.

What could be better....right.?.

the Manta Jet from the Incredibles

 Manta class shuttle from some Star Trek game

And DC stupid Ass can barely get the Manta Sub half a panel ..... idiots.

Friday, March 7, 2014


This is the OA1 redition of the Black Manta and his revenge against Xebel. 

The mystery of David's origin, his imprisonment in the Bermuda Triangle and his son being the new Aqualad started in Brightest Day. We have yet to find out what is exactly going on with the Black Knight of the seven seas but he is definitely kicking asses all over the DCU right now. And at the present moment he's overseeing the Tiger Cage. 

Enemies Be Ware...Here there be Monsters.

The Young Justice version of Black Manta is absolutely the toughest 
most bad ass character on the DC planets. 

What I tried to do with this guy is take what I like from the current comic book and the animated series and produce the ultimate assassin. 
I think the idea is decent but the 7 year hiatus putting pen to paper is telling.

This week me and the fellas did sort of a cross blog posting of drawings. 
Check out It's a Dan's World for some high flying Spidey action
King of Thessaly's and the Rom blog to come face to face with the Dire Wraiths

Saturday, February 1, 2014

365 dayz a year

American Liberator

Yanga (Nyanga)  was the stolen Prince from the royal family of Gabon Africa. Leader of a slave rebellion during the Spanish colonial rule of Mexico. The port city of Veracruz brought slaves to Mexico. Yanga's revolt freed men, women and children from Nuestra Senora de la concepcion in 1570. From there Yanga moved his people into the rugged mountains and set up a maroon colony there. Building houses, a church and a school there on Star Mountain. for more than 30 years the multicultural colony grew and prospered, partially operating on captured goods from caravans bringing in trade to Veracruz. Yang's raiders were devastating caravan cargo's so efficiently that the word from the Spanish crown was to eliminate the colony and retake control of the territory.

Spanish troops confronted Yanga's warriors in and around 1609 near Rio Blanco. Yanga at this time was an older statesman warrior who had Francisco de la Matosa as his military field commander. Francisco and his escaped men had joined Yanga around 1600. They faced 550 Spanish troops led by Pedro Gonzalez. The maroon warriors had only 100 men with some type of firearm. The rest of the Yanguicas were fighting with machete, bow and arrows and rocks. There were severe losses on both sides. The Spaniards burned the settlement but couldn't beat or subdue Yanga's forces. The warriors of Yanga simply disappeared into the terrain that had helped them defeat the enemy for years. Yanga's warriors and people took refuge inside Citlaltepetl volcano and fought the Spanish to a stalemate.

Gaspar's plan was to pain the ranks of the Spanish so bad that it would bring the Spaniards to the negotiating table. Yanga had already sent demands to the enemy from a captured Spanish soldier. The demands were rejected. At this point Gaspar challenged the Spaniards to come and meet death. Fighting relentlessly and using the superior tactics of Yanga, the maroon bloodied the Spanish troops to such a degree that by 1618 the viceroy of New Spain (Mexico) began negotiations with Gaspar resistance.

There were 11 conditions made by Yanga before he would lay down arms against Spain. One of the concessions was the establishment of a free town of former black slaves. This was something unheard of in this time period. A town ruled by Black People, free people in a period of slavery. By 1630 the town of San Lorenzo de los Negros de Cerralve was established; later called the city of Yanga.

This monumental accomplishment is a milestone of African American history. Gaspar Yanga and his people forced a new social order in the mist of an institutional vacuum. Every year Aug.10th a carnival is held to celebrate Gaspar Yanga. The American Liberator, founder of the first free city in American history.

The inscription under Yanga's statue reads

African Black Liberator and precursor 
of the black slaves who founded the town of 
San Lorenzo de Cerralvo (now Yanga) by agreement of the viceroy of 
New Spain, Rodrigo Pacheco,
on the third day of October 1631 by order of the viceroy's pen. Village Captain Hernando of Castro Espinosa 
H. Ayuntamento Constl. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014


into the 
Cool Factor


The Suicide Squad is a covert black-ops government strike team under Task Force X. The team is partially made up of imprisoned super-villains who agree to serve as expendable agents on life-threatening top-secret missions for the United States Government. In return, after sufficient service, the prisoners are granted full pardons for their crimes.
The Government does not officially acknowledge the existence of the Suicide Squad, and claims their missions as random supervillain attacks. In addition, there are other non-prisoner members such as Nemesis and Nightshade who participate in the team as part of individual arrangements. The Suicide Squad operate out of Belle Reve prison in Louisiana.
To prevent members escaping in the field, the prisoners are shackled with explosive bracelets programmed to detonate a certain distance from the field leader, who also wears a remote control that can detonate or disengage the bracelets as desired. Typically the field leader will be either Rick Flag or Bronze Tiger.
DC comics data base

Thankx to Dan from

It's a Dans World

for the portal into a great interpretation 
of the Suicide Squad.
The deep rich texture and the 
realistically stylized characters 
pulls us into the high risk danger that is Task ForceX

Amanda Waller
Bronze Tiger
Sheba (attack and rescue chopper)

Long Live the Squad

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Black Manta and the Suicide Squad?

I see Waller manipulated his better judgment. We'll see what happens.

I read over at IADW that Sinestro is about to get a title shot.
Thaal is my dude so of course I'll have a first print #1.
However I got to say it (overstated or not) 

Where the hell is Black Manta #1

Don't think the Scourge of the Seven Seas deserves his own book?  
It's about 2 or 3 different versions of him floating around in DC land as it is right? 
Well so what?.  
Since the new 52 and even before 52, I've seen obscure 2nd rate characters get books in every corner of the DCU. Most of em were trash or didn't yield any return. So as Boss as Black Manta is; an ongoing is over due, and a mini series at this point is damn essential. Don't believe what I say? Let's check this guys credentials.

1. Founding member of the Legion of Doom

2. Has  Hella staying power, 47 yr Legacy character

3. He's the First and only legitimate African American Super Villain

4. Has appeared in just about every DC, Warner Bros animated TV series to date

Flash Point

and in a couple of video games, with a YJ one coming up

5. Has an A list character as his arch enemy

6. Has so many action figures I lost count. From preschool to adult collector Manta is everywhere

7. His son Kaldur'ahm is his blood enemies chosen champion

8. No good Hero is official without a  Heromobile. 
Black Manta has so many he rent  out the ones he don't want

9. Has an arsenal of weapons with potential to rival Batman's

10. Black Manta even has his own damn theme music.

parental discretion is advised

Saturday, January 18, 2014

2nd Christmas

the Perfect Storm

I found this picture of Storm while looking for a T'Challa and Storm X-mas picture for the banner, 
and hit this chocolate wall.  (stunned I say)

Storm being all that;  in comics and cos play, 
I wanted to see which one of these women would make your top 5 list.

Lets set the criteria shall we?  It's only 2 rules
1.The outfit must look realistic
Regular holloween costumes are cute but no dice. I want to believe.

2. The cosplayer has to own Storms persona
Can't just be pretty girls.....sorry.  To be Storm you have to 
take command of the pose.
Fierce, sensuous or elemental fury; the look has to say goddess.

They can mix and match the looks or go head to toe in a matched set.

Who's your favorite 5

Fellas ....
It's really no need to pick just one, this is a win, win situation.
Don't say I never gave you nothing.