Black Manta

Black Manta

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the Elemental

Black Vulcan

Real Name: Unknown
Group Affiliation: Justice League America 
(the Superfriends)
Power Set: Ability to manipulate lightning 
from his hands. 
Flight: transforms his lower body into pure energy, he becomes living lightning.  Can travel at the speed of light, spot weld microelectronics. Vulcan can go where ever light and electricity goes and even operate proficiently underwater.  Time travel is also within Vulcan's range of powers.  He fluctuates his body into pure energy in such a way that it opens a rift in space and time.

Like his comrade's Apache Chief and Samurai, Black Vulcan first appeared on the Superfriends cartoon. for that era Vulcan set the standard and opened the doors for the Black Superheroes of the right now.

He's also been locked into comedic roles and a target for so many jokes and hilarious cameos. Surprisingly  they've all been good for the most part.

And after all is said and done.  Vulcan still comes across as a legitimate Superhero.  At one time Alex Ross proposed to bring Black Vulcan into the Captain Marvel mythos.  Update him as a hero connected to Shazam.  DC rejected the idea. Imagine Black Vulcan painted by 
Alex the Great One Ross.  How can you not buy into that?  OK, they didn't like the way Ross was going with it.  So rework it! Suburban kid rescues little girl from collapsed drain enclosure; secret passageway...rock of deadly sins blah blah blah, 
speaks the new magic words _________and is transformed into Vulcan!  One of the champions of earth. Shazam is only one of the wizards so each wizard has a champion voila. Let's go fight some crime.


I also found out that DC alludes to Black Vulcan and Black Lightning being the same guy.  

Retcon if you will.

check the outfit in the background

A rework is definitely what's called for. 
Because Super Volt needs some pants.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

the Forgotten


We all remember Saturday morning cartoons.   Captain Crunch Berries and the challenge of the Superfriends.  They were the coolest, most powerful super team on the planet and by God the most diverse.  With the edition of three guys I just knew were going to show up in a comic book somewhere, Apache Chief, Black Vulcan and Samurai,  the world famous Superfriends!
 ____ dunt ta da dunt dunt ta, dunt ta da. ___  
Don't the music just start playing in your head?  Yes?  No? 
For Samurai I bet it doesn't.  For these three to be ultra cool 
super exciting  cult classics they've had a hard row to hoe. 

Powers: Flight,  ability to control fire, wind and Ice.
Can become invisible, he's an unarmed black belt in some forms of martial arts he even has his own light saber. why didn't DC buy this guy from Hanna Barbera asap?

Well it all seems to have worked out for Samurai in these last couple of years.  He has two action figures and ................. maybe it's not going as good as it's suppose to.  But DC might have the license to the character now since he has made two appearances in DC comics and he's had two character copies of him in wind Dragon and the girl from Young Justice.  Also Samurai has two partners on the come up to mainstream media with him in Apache Chief and Black Vulcan.  
Man seems like two is this guys number.

The DCUC is a spot on rendition of the classic Samurai from the Superfriends with all the articulation that the line is commended for. The only thing that was wrong is that the arms couldn't cross his chest to make the classic Samurai pose. The bad side to it all though is to be taken seriously in today's comic and animation world, he's going to have to put on some pants 
(see custom figure beside him by: Iron Will).

Do I like samurai, yes, the figure, yes. Is Samurai going to get a title shot and a movie?
I'll let him tell you himself.

Friday, June 7, 2013

the ingenious new 52

Face Off

Well it seems that Marvel had or has a tiger manthing in their universe as well. Who knew that DC with their super creative powers would just take an old failed Marvel concept and put the new 52 spin on it and call it artistic spotlighted originality. Or in other words, the Bronze Tiger, even though the new BT looks just like Maneater with clothes on and a stupid over sized video game sword.

Anyway :(  Friday Face Off presents Maneater vs new Bronze Tiger.
May the stupidest design idea win.

Somebody tell me. Is Lycanthropy  an artistic story trope and or cliche 
that comic book writers and artist use when they can't get right?
Or is it just a formula that's plugged in cause geekdom is so hard up and desperate
that they can just put out trash and nerds lick it up?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

suicide is NOT the answer


Looking and surfing thru cyber space 
and the crossroads of blogs that I pass thru I ran across this

I wanted to have something profound to say.
But what could I say to match the unfathomable wisdom
of the Most High God Jehovah?

... nothing ...

turn to the Lord and Creator of all things