Black Manta

Black Manta

Thursday, January 31, 2013

the Realest

Killing the Perception
Dr.Doris Zeul
Team affiliation: the Legion of Doom, Villainy Inc.
 Secret Six, Secret Society of Super Villains,
Injustice League
Abilities: size manipulation (can grow to 50+ feet tall) Superhuman strength and near invulnerability
when she grows.
Giganta is one of the founding members of
the Legion of Doom,
a scientist and fighter. She also represents
 something more as a woman. Giganta is 6' 5 or
 taller, intelligent, can protect herself and
is full figured. That's right sports fans,
Giganta is thick and curvy.
The sexy plus size villain that exemplifies every woman when it comes to her build, confidence and skill. When it comes to being respected by her peers for who she is,
no one in this genre does it better.
 Giganta is the only woman character that I can think of that radiates strength, danger and feminine sex appeal in one package.  When I think of my favorite 50 foot woman in a live action type version this is what I base her on.
Now we all know each artist and writer does his or her own thing when they control the character. The original idea for Giganta and what I like to see would be drawn and modeled
like ....BAM!!!
Artist, don't be scared to draw a voluptuous Amazon when you draw Giganta 
It's a real woman in those leopard prints.
A woman is the most beautiful thing God ever created if you ask OA1
and they come in all sizes of perfection.
consider this my first acknowledgement to you ladies.
There will be more. 

Friday, January 25, 2013


Continuing my very analytical conception of a Black Manta mini series.
I think we already covered what we already know about Black Manta in
Dark Water, which could also mean it's more to Manta than meets the eye
and definitely more than what's been written.
His mini series should focus on blood soaked revenge against Xebel, his relationship with his son kaldur'ahm aka Aqualad (Devil Ray). Were forgetting Aquaman altogether
and since Manta and Mera is not a factor Black Manta needs a love interest.
So who's out there that would be compatible and useful to the scourge of the 7 seas?
Why did I pick these three?

In this book David Ray is still a villain / anti hero
so we'll still see villain. He'll try to sugar coat and justify some of it
when Kaldur is around, and balance it out when he does heroic things (anti hero)
but with a fatal unforgiving style that only this idealist vigilante can bring.
Remembering Manta is an unforgiving, scheming, me first killer
we have to know that's how he'll deal with his women.
Clea: angry, vengeful and wrapped to tight
 for some wrong done to her by a man.
Maybe she just dislikes the fact that men
 rule the world and wants to hurt every
man she comes in contact with.
 Manta will crush her physically, financially,
 sexually, mentally and emotionally 
take everything she ever had and have.
Leave her broken on all levels.
Then build her back up giving her the power she needs and forever denying her the power she had. Making sure she can't even exist without him PERIOD!
Fatality: mercilessly manipulate her back into an unrepentant killing machine. Taking the honor and pride of a warrior from her, turning her into his own personal attack dog. Give her the true love from a man that she needs and the true love of a family that was taken away from her. Manta and Kaldur becomes her family. Giving Manta the love, loyalty and companionship of a woman he needs and another tool to turn Aqualad into his killing murdering prodigy. 
Giganta: Manta takes full advantage of their secret unknown relationship. Feed her desires and natural tendency for violence to the point of overflow. Champion  and protect her in battle, in the bed, in life outside of crime, until every hope and thought of rehabilitation is gone. Put a grip on her so hard that every thought she has is his. Every action, every dream belongs to Black Manta. Her devotion and obedience is so geared that she would kill every padawan on coruscant if Manta told her to. 

No padawans were hurt during the making of this post.
Killing padawans is not my Black Manta's style, At All!
D.Ray love the kids, old people and innocents. But if he told her to she'd do it.

Monday, January 21, 2013

To Dream

In Honor of the Champion of Peace and Equality
The Prophet with Vision for a better world
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Checkmate vs Suicide Squad

the Hawk and Dove Directive : A corrupt National Security council  member director Freitag has targeted the new Hawk and Dove. Freitag  has set Checkmate operatives Vigilante and Vixen to capture and bring the targets back for evaluation. In truth we know they want to weaponize and control the meta gene. Of course Amanda counter moves by sending in the Squad to help but with her own agendas. The hunt is on.

The Suicide Squad had a lot of face time in this issue. I just didn't care anything about Hawk and especially Dove. The guy Dove was an aggravating typical teenage chump. The Hawk character who actually was sort of interesting had half a chance but without buddy. Ultimately the book was cancelled.
This was also right after Vixen had left Ostranders book. At some point someone thought Vixen should shape shift into an actual animal (lame right?) Besides this blunder the writer Mike Baron kept a lot of the elements of Ostranders Squad and made it work for the most part. His lead characters Hawk and Dove were weak, it seemed he should have taken the SS reigns instead of those two characters and rode off into the sunset.
The artist Dean Zachery had a couple of good moments with our favorite expendable operatives and for me some of the best panels that's been dedicated to the Squad.
I will back up and say I didn't like what they did with Deadshot. He wasn't the cold laid back killer that I'm used to (didn't want to lead you to believe everything was good).
This is one of the only covers that actually told the truth though. Count Vertigo did do his Vertigo I'm better than you now have a headache thing. A little womanizing and some empty snitching. This was a good stand alone issue. For what it's worth if you try to collect everything the Squad is in. This is a must have.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dark Water

Rising out of the depths of the ocean, cutting thru the skies
and menacing the 7 seas.
Mercenary, treasure hunter, anti hero true Buccaneer.

Mikko Bermudez did this mock cover and definitely has the right idea. Black Manta #1 is overdue mates. With the resurgence of Aquaman, David Ray has emerged to cause havoc in the DCU.  Blood is in the water. He has positioned himself on Young Justice as one of the holders of the light (regrettably). Black Manta also looks to be the newest member of the Suicide Squad . Him and the Legion of Doom are lurking in the shadows looking to destroy the Justice League in their coming issues and basically Black Manta is poised to set the comics world on fire.

So really who is this guy?

If you read the bat files; It's hard to believe that the intellect of the Dark Knight himself couldn't conceptualize that a true son of the father would not only want to inherit the throne, but would do whatever it takes to be King. And as far as brutality is concerned

"Crush your enemies see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women"


I don't know if that was the right speech but lets look at what's happened to him.
Aquaman killed his father, his wife was experimented on and killed, him tortured and imprisoned and his child kidnapped experimented on and passed around in the underwater social system. This guy is a little upset, his MO is NOT racially motivated. He just wants some get back.

We also learn that Mera supposedly saves the kid, gets married to Arthur and they end up with Kal'dur as one of their own-- curious right? Were suppose to believe that Manta and Mera wasn't lovers first and conceived little Kal.?.and her turning from Aquaman regret of  having a kid with him and her rage against the machine was caused by what?

See your man OA1 has been around a block or two, and the weak love/hate triangle between Manta, Mera and Aquaman didn't ring true to me. Geoff should have got his hands dirty on this one, or will the truth come out later?

Black Manta  has proved he's an A list character, a real kick ass pirate that has a serious fan base. He's ready for his own anti hero ongoing.
Young Justice has also set it off and done Manta right... so far.
Who needs the light? Black Manta, Aqualad and an attack on Xebel is its own self contained epic saga. Throw in the bad blood between them Sports Master, Cheshire and Arsenal (clone Roy) and we have the super villain equivalent of the Hatfields and McCoy's.

We can go even further. The way Black Manta kicked the shit out of the Others, lets make them chase behind him and Aqualad as they kill bad guys and try to deal with being father and son. People I'm kind of expectant on what we might get a chance to see from Manta.

Dark Water
I think describes who the man is.
No one being able to see what's under the surface.