Black Manta

Black Manta

Thursday, January 31, 2013

the Realest

Killing the Perception
Dr.Doris Zeul
Team affiliation: the Legion of Doom, Villainy Inc.
 Secret Six, Secret Society of Super Villains,
Injustice League
Abilities: size manipulation (can grow to 50+ feet tall) Superhuman strength and near invulnerability
when she grows.
Giganta is one of the founding members of
the Legion of Doom,
a scientist and fighter. She also represents
 something more as a woman. Giganta is 6' 5 or
 taller, intelligent, can protect herself and
is full figured. That's right sports fans,
Giganta is thick and curvy.
The sexy plus size villain that exemplifies every woman when it comes to her build, confidence and skill. When it comes to being respected by her peers for who she is,
no one in this genre does it better.
 Giganta is the only woman character that I can think of that radiates strength, danger and feminine sex appeal in one package.  When I think of my favorite 50 foot woman in a live action type version this is what I base her on.
Now we all know each artist and writer does his or her own thing when they control the character. The original idea for Giganta and what I like to see would be drawn and modeled
like ....BAM!!!
Artist, don't be scared to draw a voluptuous Amazon when you draw Giganta 
It's a real woman in those leopard prints.
A woman is the most beautiful thing God ever created if you ask OA1
and they come in all sizes of perfection.
consider this my first acknowledgement to you ladies.
There will be more. 


  1. oh look that last panel in your posting is from that Justice League issue i just recently picked up for only a quarter from a back issue discount bin. Ed Benes was truly gifted when it came to drawing athletic women with curves. i'm surprised you didn't add the Sir Mixalot video for Baby's Got Back to this posting i know Dale does that sort of thing with his postings. anyways, at exactly 9:30 of this JLA Unlimited video is my favorite Giganta moment:

    1. Ed is a superstar in this game, and the last panel is the best version of Giganta to date. I tried to take a serious subject and still keep the fun comic atmosphere present in this post.

      I do feel that everybody should get represented in comics, not just one aspect or mainstream version of what the media tells us is beauty.

  2. I do don't I?;)

    Nice post as always Omega. Apparently you sir are what is known as a "Fat-chick thrilla'", or "Full-figured Thrilla'" to be exact. Like you said, beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds. So yes, Amen to that;)

    In all seriousness though, very cool focusing on Giganta. I don't know how much love she gets from blogs or the internet in general other than "Oh yeah, wasn't she in the Super-Friends?", so good on ya'(As Dan would say) for featuring Ms. Big Ums.

    I'll also second and third Shlomo's point on how good of an artist Ed Benes is. He's criticized for basically drawing all of his men and women with the same faces just about. Well I for one have always loved his artwork, and seeing nothing wrong in how he depicts strong male superheroes, and sexy, yet competent heroines. He's always money in my book.

    Again, nice post, and hope you have a damn fine weekend my friend:)

    1. Don't be a clown your entire life. Being a part of a system designed to kill peoples self esteem with false images and lies should be beneath you.

      Now on a lighter note, tell a lie and say you don't like what you see :) The next time I give a post spotlight on the girls, natural slim girls get their due. But no 90210 vomit queens allowed.

      Giganta is popular my friend. She's about like Lidia from Skyrim. She has you tube pages dedicated to her and she's all over comics. Giganta is that girl; with the best set of legs and ass in the business.

    2. by the way on a side note here that live action Giganta model you have there, i would tap that ass so so many times given the opportunity. so has the Shlomo spoken!

    3. It was some actress that in an interview got called full figured and lost control. Got mad dude. So since I was doing research for this post anyway I read the story and looked at the chick. My reaction was HA! Number one she didn't look like nothing (plain as fuck) then I checked her body. Another PWHA! Less than nothing, she wasn't heavy but she wasn't slim either. Just a regular woman.

      It got me to thinking. What the hell be on women minds. What do they consider a compliment these days? In my mind saying a woman is full figured with curves is a compliment. I also caught a Dr.Oz episode about the killing of young girls from anorexia. Anyway, thick and full figured is not obesity. And boney, unhealthy stick figures is not sexy. Hell it's cold outside.

  3. "A woman is the most beautiful thing God ever created if you ask OA1 and they come in all sizes of perfection."

    Wow... I don't know what to say :) I think I'm in love with You now... Omega King :) Lol :)))

    Big kiss ;)

  4. You are sooo sweet and bigger kiss to you. Can't you just see us pulling out the G.I.Joes, carefully poseing Dreadnoks against Iron Grenadiers, eating lunch and talking comics; catching a late movie then work the next day.

    Isn't this comics and blogging thing nice : ) ?

    Ewelina, I'm glad you liked the post.

  5. I love Giganta. But then, I was always enthralled with posters (and later the movie) of Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman.
    And it is nice to see "full figure" girls get their dues. I don't think I've ever taken that comment as an insult unless the person who was saying it was sneering at me at the time. It's all in context. As a woman who's had curves all her life and beat herself up for them for about half of that life, it's wonderful to see guys actually put them forward as pictures of beauty and sexiness.
    Damn Straight. Keep it up. ;)

    1. I was so close to including the 50 foot woman poster into this post. And I'm going to find a way to use it at some point. I have always luved Giganta as well. To me she is one of the most grounded characters that DC has, and they know it; thats why she's used everywhere and often. And arguably misrepresented at times. Mostly it's her figure and her intelligence. Giganta is a brilliant scientist number one and a woman with curves secondly (curves 1st :) so let my girl be that. DC has always had a problem with keeping their characters in character. Legacy characters excluded.

    2. Even the legacy characters can swing wildly from writer to writer. Or reboot to reboot. But they are far less careful with any background characters.

    3. DC has so much to offer with their other characters that are somewhat untouched. I just don't understand why they can't deliver.

      On another note: I miss my CPU so bad. I feel almost lost without it. Your first reply, I wanted to write you a book : ) . (hint, hint) I like when you stop by. Maybe you can drag Aliera over with you the next visit.

    4. I'll try. :) I feel you there, OA. I was sans computer for way too long, and then my new one was backordered because of the hard drive and tsunamis...right before the release of SWTOR. It was painful.
      I think it's the natural ebb and flow of comics, you get some truly great writers, but, unfortunately, they can't write ALL the books. Otherwise I'm pretty sure Judd Winnick and BKV would never sleep.

  6. Shit! I'll spring for the starbucks. You just don't know how disappointed I been with the comics world I live in. Young Justice was the Light until that last episode. Now I officially say au revoir.

    1. Maybe we should send them cases of something laced with caffeine, then threaten to take it away and leave them to go through withdrawal, unless they do our bidding.