Black Manta

Black Manta

Friday, June 29, 2012

Secret Origin : the Art of War

Not So Secret: It must be two sides

Real Name: Benjamin Turner
Code Name: the Bronze Tiger

True identity: Only known by the Sensei and Wong Fei

Gov. agency files: the foundation of the character was set up by creator Dennis O'neil, Jim Berry and artist Leo Duranona.

the Tiger was transformed into an ass kicking super spy, assassin and hero by John Ostrander, Kim Yale and artist Luke McDonnell. Bronze Tiger DC Universe.

Bronze Tiger, Rick Flagg and Nightshade

The forward progression of the Bronze Tiger as a master martial artist with the powers of mystic Wu-Shu
was shown in Batman, The Brave and the Bold episode, where he and Batman took in the powers of the
Wu dang totem.
"Return of the fearsome Fangs."

Head of the body, leader of the team

Favorite Mission Team:
Bronze Tiger
Captain Boomerang

would have added Shade but his uniform is corny.

What's yours ?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Gunz and Onez: the 23rd Chamber

Tools of the TRADE:

What's the weapon of a living weapon? I don't know exactly, but I do know that every great superhero not only has theme music, but their own trademarked weapon of choice; magic lasso, Billy clubs, utility Belt..... the mighty Mjolnir. Now I don't have to tell you who these weapons belong to and the same holds true for the ceremonial battle mask of Benjamin Turner. It's without a doubt the tiger mask.

Having traveled from Atlantis to Apocalypse the tiger mask has served BT well.
But I have a love hate relationship with this particular piece of head gear.
Most artist can't draw it correctly, it either looks stupid and awkward or the mask
makes the man look like an actual tiger. A redesign is needed for sure.

Mia Cabrera over at Deviant has the best version to date.
A stylized tiger with elements of a Japanese Samurai kabuto 
and the Wakidate (side crest) could represent
the Clan of Sakanoye NoTamuramaro.

On certain missions and at random times the Bronze Tiger uses weapons
of his Shogun roots. Which leads to a question.
Should the Tiger have another trademark weapon?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Last Man Standing

Deathstroke vs the JSA

My nephew and action figure collecting partner sent me these fight pictures and second round drag out of Slade vs the JSA. I guess they wanted some get back from the beat down he gave em from Identity Crisis. Either way, here we go....FIGHT!

Slade Wilson, the Terminator aka: DEATHSTROKE
Mercenary assassin and scourge of the DCU. Possesses various enhanced abilities at an almost superhuman level. These include strength of ten men, heightened speed, agility, stamina and reflexes.

Deathstroke can use 90% of his brain making him a tactical genius, adept at turning an opponent's own abilities against them. He has years of military training and possesses a healing factor that enables him to heal from physical injury much faster than a normal person; however, it does have limitations. He cannot regenerate entire limbs. So he can be killed.

Slade is expert hand to hand combatant and a weapons expert, but his signature weapon is a power staff, that fires lethal and non lethal energy blasts from both ends. He could probably use it right now to keep from getting kicked in the face.

Oh well, that kicking stuff didn't last.

Looks like these guys have just got the business done to em. And Deathstroke needs some new guys to fight. Maybe beat the crap out of some marvel guys? Deadpool, Blade, Taskmaster, who knows. Thanks Jake for the pics man. And until your guy meets the Bronze Tiger he gets the win.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Red Dead Redemption: the Regulators

"Try to keep an eyeball on my blade"

This is not a review; a recap of sorts, a definite celebration of the video game and a fan request for a red dead 2 with upgrades. The game opens up with John Marston in the clutches of corrupt govt. agents that he never escapes. How cool would it have been if you could have been able to go into character creation mode and build your own Outlaw, or choose one of the characters from the outfitter that can only be played in multiplayer.

What if you could choose Dr.Lane Davies and start the mission from Tumbleweed or Fernando Naranjo from Chuparosa? You know what it would be.....FIRE! One of the unplayable characters that could have easily been a main character choice is Americus Roe.

Imagine starting in Armadillo as bounty hunter running with a group of Cowboys for your game training. Marston had MacFarlanes Ranch, Roe could have the Regulators.

These guys could become playable after Roe's training. The Regulators were my idea after looking at the other groups of characters in the outfitter. They were modeled after a Black cowboy outfit from Texas, my favorite cowboy movies and Skyrim. Skyrim is another video game that allows you the option to choose how you start the game. Ultimately you would go down the same path to redemption, just from a different point of view.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Warm Ophidian Welcome

As the Tiger descends into the bottomless snake pits of Basilisk, a deathtrap falls
 the Bronze Tiger is ultimately bitten by Kobra
the most dangerous hunt has turned into........ Suicide.

This is one of the team ups that should be a no brainer.
Bronze Tiger and Iron Fist

What would YOU name the title of this cover?
The best title will become the name of this post.