Black Manta

Black Manta

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who's the Baddest !!!!

Ok cosplayers this ones for the heroines that's not afraid to show the hero inside and the ones that know I adore roleplay. Nt way ... here's my suped up Xst over with a splash of anime version of cosplay bliss.
Looking thru hundreds of fan pics and convention galleries I could only come across Vixen, Harly Quinn, thousands of Ivy's but finding the other Squad members took some real hunting and I still had to substitute NightShade and Plastique. Still in the spirit of cosplay I tried to let more than just my team shine.

And as far as a team shots go the Avengers represented
better than the real book.

but For The Win !
Young Justice

that's all I got for right now guys and to all the players, your outfits were beyond good.
They were amazing. Until next time
Long live the Squad.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Harley Ouinn: Crazy Sexy Cool

The process of elimination continues in this issue as the team tries to lay low and protect the package until extraction. The entire mission seems to be recruiting and eliminating operatives for a core team of Cadmus agents. And Harley Quinn makes the cut. No leadership positions for this chic. But Harley is now one of my favorite members. I hope she hangs around. Check out the highlights.
Quinn is the sweetest, most psychotic, lovable idiot and Mr.J probably would not find this funny....then again
Anyway the chic is effective and fits in well with the Squad.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Two for the Money: 2nd CHAMBER

The second chamber will explore the Brave and the Bold type team up with a Marvel What If spin.
Real talk.....Who do you want to see the Bronze Tiger team up with? And why. It's a battery of stories
I want to see and here are my top 10.

 Spy Hunter vs the Detective 
Mission: a Task Force X hit and intel retrieval. The Tiger assassinates a clone of Lord Naga, Batman intervenes and this is the result.               Eventually Bronze Tiger and Batman close down a secret Kobra base under Gotham city.

Lone Wolf and Cub: Waller is kid napped and Ben goes on the hunt. Track Catch Kill.

The Black Panther and the Bronze Tiger
I shouldnt have to say anything else except this is superior fan art. A true espionage mission where the recon is at the highest level. Hydra
 9.John Steward

Friday, September 9, 2011


Bronze Tiger is the black ops martial arts master of the Suicide Squad. He's our super spy and true DC original. Task Force X  field commander and once the most feared killer in the world as a member of the League of Assassins.
Me being a loyal member of the comic and animation genre, I could never understand why B.T. doesn't have his own book.!? The Tiger has a deep rich origin, backstory, allies and enemies. Soooo the only answer to this conundrum is....that no one knows who the character is. This is where we come in the fans. Being one of my absolute favorite characters this is my humble attempt to give you (talk about) the Bronze Tiger.

Personality: Benjamin Turner the man is the guy that changes the whole atmosphere of the room when he walks in; safe warm peaceful and fun one minute then disturbing distressful danger the next. Emotionally controlled confident and calculating. Seriously focused on task and a ridiculously perfected warrior. Until the mask is put on. All of these great qualities become blurred gray areas because of the burning fire inside to inflict violent pain, crippling injury or horrific death to targeted enemies. Ben is a conflicted killer. Being a hero and assassin is a constant battle. The battle of the two tigers inside the man.