Black Manta

Black Manta

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the Gears of War

COG's and Customs
Lately I've been into customizing, and at the moment DCUC and Marvel Legends are the artisans choice (comics are at the forefront). Anyway my nephew is into Gears of War. So for his birthday, a personal COG soldier was his present from uncle OA1.
 I used a Marvel Legends War Machine. I like the Gears of War video game and the action figures have all kinds of detailed goodness. But for me they are to chunky looking, especially the boots. I hate the boots and I hate the stiff static movements. Most of them can't even hold their weapons with two hands.

Enter Dominique Damir: COG commander
 fully articulated action figure, battle ready, detailed and ready to join my nephew's legion of 6inch figures. He looks like a younger COG soldier posed with Marcus Phenix and company . So he works well with both lines of figures.

Every figure that I do has to have removable gear of some kind and extra weapons. With this guy it's a removable helmet, lancer and a golden original lancer. Still for me it's the option to pose your figure that's most important. It has to be good quality, but the articulation is king.

I AM Vigilant and Unyielding in my pursuit of the enemy.
I will Defend and Protect my family and fellow man.



  1. Dude, that is fucking, fucking sweet! Love it!
    Your nephew's one lucky kid to have such a creative uncle! Holy Shit that's good. You sure you don't want a job working for a toy company sculpting figures?

    1. Hell yeah I want a job with a toy company,, Hasbro and Mattel come to mind. But as a creator or marketing. I want to sit at the table with the big boyz and decide what comes out to the public. I want to design a franchise. Todd McFarlane and George Lucas are my heroes. Not to leave out Andre3000.

      I really like the way this guy came out, but no sculpting was involved with this one. Paint, dremel tool and creative idea that's it. A couple of extra bucks to buy figures to tear apart.

      I could do this for a living for the rest of my life dude, I swear.

  2. I can believe that man, I really can. Idk how you get hired at place like that, but seriously consider sending out some resumes towards both the big and small toy companies. That way, you can get your foot in the door, work your way, and then go off and build your own company/empire.

    Again that shit looks damn good my man. I might have to commission you to do a piece for me one of these days:)

    1. Brother you know your good for one. I kinda wanted you to finish US Agent, I would do the Submarimer and there you have the makings of a Mr.Morbids fish tale.

      uuhhh I better throw Dorma or somebody in there or it might get out of hand.

      It's decided, give me a couple of days it's skit time.

  3. Yeah, that's on a "someday" project list, since I now own the real thing when I bought the new Marvel Legends US Agent. He's not as bulky as he really should be, but he's not all that terrible either.

    A Mr.Morbid's Fish Tale huh? Brother, consider me sold! That shit sounds fun, especially since I own both those figures....

  4. Merry Christmas O.A. - hope you have a great day!

  5. OMG! Wow that figure is amazing! Great job, Man I love it! I really do! Can i post it on my blog??? Please! I like when figures got also removable parts. You're truly great artist!
    BTW... Happy New Year Mr.Omega King Agent!

    Peace and love :*
    - Ewelina!

    1. Ewelina, HELLO my sister I've been waiting on you to say something overhere, and thank you. I'm glad you liked him and of course you can use it over at your spot. I've been overthere reading and enjoying the sites

      I've been a little caught up, holidays you know. But there's more figures to come. Welcome to the Squad.