Black Manta

Black Manta

Monday, January 21, 2013

To Dream

In Honor of the Champion of Peace and Equality
The Prophet with Vision for a better world
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


  1. Let me be the first one to salute the King;
    to give honor to the soldiers of the movement.

    Happy Birthday Dr. King

  2. i can't help but wonder what King would think of Obama's presidency thus far given the mixed reviews by black America over his first term. and for that matter i also wonder how well Amanda Waller would have gotten along with Obama were she not a fictional character.

  3. The world has changed so much ,but we still have so far to go. The actions and influence of one man helped inspired and drive a movement that shaped society today. I Just feel like thanking him for all he that he has done. Dr King left a positive mark in history throughout the terrible trials he faced. It is hard to think about the way we have taken life for granted. our ancestors shed blood and tears to obtain equality for future generations. We've come so far, but yet we still have so much more to grow. How long will it take years, decades, maybe even centuries? Regardless the amount of time it take to Dr. King and all the Civil rights advocates thank you for building the foundation and carving a precedent for us to flourish for years to come.

    Happy belated Dr. KIng

  4. Thanks guys for chiming in. We have to remember where we came from to see and understand where were going.

    @RA: Man I also convey your thoughts, I hope in some small way I might do some good in the world. January 15th, the birth of a giant, celebrated by a nation.

    (And I see that Marauder symbol man, until next season) EMPIRE

    @Shlomo: To our President that has just started to make his contributions to righteousness, I think Dr. King would tell him; go and do your best for what's right because it won't be long.

    @LJ Panther: Brah, yall January soldiers are so serious. How Long? Not Long!