Black Manta

Black Manta

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Comic Con 2013: the Cosplay experience

Coming of a Geek Planet

what I've been hearing is cosplay is the new cool, the next big thing, 
and Geek is good. I know Geek girls rule, in which cosplay has released
the dormant powers, the expressive feminine appeal and the over all
awesomeness of our heroine teammates.

Lady Sagat

Misty Knight

Velma: Zombie Hunter 2012 
I like the concept. So she makes the cut

Captain Universe


And  for us guys cosplay has also revealed the dormant chivalry
and heroic nature of us workaholics and sofa coaches. 
You do get some creeps out of the lot.
But overall thru cosplay we become 

the Black Panther

Power man and Iron Fist

                          Cable                                                             Redhood


No matter what universe you like better 
or what super team you side with
suit up have fun and 



If you could put together a costume
 hooked up exactly how you want it sparing nothing. 
Who would you go as?
What would your equipment do?


  1. WOW that was some of the coolest fucken cosplay i've ever seen. i went to the Comic-Con once back in 1999 it was a great show then it must have been so awesome this past week down there.

    1. Wish I had gone myself. When I do get a chance to go I'm taking seven hundred plus dollars cause I'm coming home with everything.

  2. That Black Panther is awesome! Great choice of character too.

  3. Loling at Power Man and lil Iron Fist. Ha ha. But that's a pretty damn good convincing Luke Cage.

    I'd bang Wilma and Domino fo sho!
    But yeah, loving all the cosplay outfits in general. They seem to get better and better every year, showing off imaginations that know no bounds, other than their budgets and materials for the outfits.

    I wouldn't do this since I'm too self-conscious enough to do that, although a healthy mix of beer and weed might change that.

    Cool, cool post as always Tiger. Long live the Squad.....and cosplay apparently:)

    1. Long Live the Squad for sure. I told you guys before, I'm going to hit this lottery fly and pick each one of you guys up and were going as Task Force X. Just that one day we'll let loose at a con. The next day we can go back to mild mannered fan boyz and girlz.

  4. I really love the Power Man and Iron Fist, and the Velma was inspired!
    I always wanted to do a She-Hulk, but shrink at the idea of doing all the make up. That's probably why she's always one of my favorites to glimpse at a con, because I respect the dedication that goes into first, the application, and second, wearing that for eight hours without running screaming to the bathroom for a shower.
    I'm always up for costumes. I wear them at least twice a year. And that's without a convention excuse. I've done Harley a lot, Death at least twice, and Black Widow. Sometime I'd like to try Anna Mercury, Catwoman (hey, whips, it's a prop AND a toy), and Zatanna. Why? Because fishnets are just darn fun. I'd also like to be Storm, but I think we all know that's never going to happen. I'll just have to find some other hero to wear thigh high boots for. Maybe Ms. Marvel? She does have a cool red sash.

    1. That's the spirit! Where are the pics? I put one of yours in a collage where are the others?

      Dale said he would be embarrassed, can you believe it? Mr. say anything would be self-conscious. And why not do Storm? She's an icon classic? Cosplay is who and how you feel. Today you might release your elemental goddess tomorrow a sexy green lawyer. the Agent says just do it.

    2. I know, right? But everyone has something they're not comfortable doing. I'm completely fine with writing stuff down on other people's blogs, or dressing up in completely ridiculous costumes, but I'm not comfortable making my own blog, and my arm has to be twisted to get me into a picture.
      So it's a little believable.
      Doesn't mean we can't push him into it. :)

  5. @Tiger: Man if I ever play and win that oh-so elusive lottery, then the same deal, plus we're all going out for our own beer-fest! 'Nuff Said!:0

    So, if I'm doing the Task Force X cosplaying thing, who do I get to be?

  6. Cosplay is brilliant - I've done Gambit, Riddler, Two-Face and others before, and it's a great laugh. You'll find the right costume Dale, or we could pick one for ya. Now that would be cool!

    1. Compadre...where's them pics?

    2. The Gambit one I keep under lock and key lol that trenchcoat I thought was the bomb when I brought it, but in hindsight it looks more like I'm homeless.

      I'll get the scanner sorted once I track them all down and see if I can email them

    3. Super cool man I just want to see em. I'll leave the posting them to you. I was thinking I better get to doing some push-ups and jumping jacks if I'm going to get brave and do Dragon con.

  7. I'd say dealers' choice. Maybe deadshot if I can ever rock a 'stache properly;)

    Either that or a bald or with wig, Count vertigo.
    Dan's Captain Boomerang(I know predictable right?)
    Tiger's Bronze Tiger
    Shlomo's either one of the jewish villains, or Kobra. Or whoever he damn well wants to be;)
    Googum's Rick Flag. Trust me I've seen him. He's cornfed bc he's from Montana, so he'll fit.
    Random's Oracle......but she insists on being Duchess.

    So yeah, that's what I'd imagine it'd look like.
    Hell give me a fat suit, and I'd be the Wall;)

    1. I like the line up if everybody else does. I did think Shlomo would be Flagg though.

      Dude you might think I'm joking but I would luv for this to happen. I can see laughing at myself for years to come.

      And why havn't we seen any of Dan's cosplay characters?

  8. Because he was smart enough not to post pictures? Ha ha, idk, let's ask him.

    I'm sure we'd enjoy it too man.
    Hey quick, non-related question:
    I think you e-mailed me recently with the heading "???"
    I accidently deleted it, so what was all that about?