Black Manta

Black Manta

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Two for the Money: 2nd CHAMBER

The second chamber will explore the Brave and the Bold type team up with a Marvel What If spin.
Real talk.....Who do you want to see the Bronze Tiger team up with? And why. It's a battery of stories
I want to see and here are my top 10.

 Spy Hunter vs the Detective 
Mission: a Task Force X hit and intel retrieval. The Tiger assassinates a clone of Lord Naga, Batman intervenes and this is the result.               Eventually Bronze Tiger and Batman close down a secret Kobra base under Gotham city.

Lone Wolf and Cub: Waller is kid napped and Ben goes on the hunt. Track Catch Kill.

The Black Panther and the Bronze Tiger
I shouldnt have to say anything else except this is superior fan art. A true espionage mission where the recon is at the highest level. Hydra
 9.John Steward


  1. i like your Spy Hunter vs the Detective scenario. it seems plausible since we already know Kobra is gonna be in the DC 52 Universe which we will be seeing in Suicide Squad #4. it's only a matter of time before we see BT also.
    i've been thinking of some kind of BT vs Iron Fist fan art for a while now but i just haven't gotten my shit together on actually putting pencil to paper. aside from this blog i'm sure Aaron at the Iron Fist fan blog would dig it too if i came up with something good.

  2. BT and Iron Fist would be knock down drag out excitement. I read the last IronFist series that introduced the weapons. It was superior story telling. I hope you put something together I might try and do something too.Wonder if we could get Aaron in on some Bronze Tiger Iron fist team up posting.

  3. Aquaman and Bronze Tiger would team under the ocean depths and infiltrate the undersea base of operations of the Black Manta; who has assembled an elite team of manta men as his branch of the Legion of Doom.

    This mission would show the tiger mask as an underwater breathing apparatus. The powers of magic kung fu and character versatility as Ben and Arthur battle the new manta men.

  4. at this point i'll just happily settle for BT to show up in an upcoming issue of the new Squad series sometime soon.

  5. I don't know if I really want him back in the squad. I buy a lot of comic books I actually went to college to get into and be apart of this genre this world of art that reflects life on a grandiose stage. And I just like every other fan got my favorites. And at some point you want to see one of em written, drawn and explored individually as the main character.

  6. Omega Agent1 said...
    The social maneuvering of characters for the personal and conscripted agendas of the powers have always been present. And the nefarious characterizations or omissions of our favorite heroes are the blood sacrifices. This is the reasons no matter what the poll might say or the fan might want. You get what they give you. And 95% of the masses don't know what's happening.The dog has gotten wagged.

    November 1, 2011 9:00 PM
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