Black Manta

Black Manta

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Red Dead Redemption

Traveling on a constant loop thru space and time, I Benjamin Turner aka the Bronze Tiger arrived in the American west. The year 1911 and the experience of the wild west is much wilder, more beautiful and more deadly than they show you on the western channel or in a spaghetti western from Sergio Leone. John Marston.....a man I rode with on many occasions trying to find my way back to the future.
Marston was an Outlaw turned family man, rancher that has gotten caught up in a government conspiracy to rid the territory of a criminal gang of killers he use to call friends. Marston's wife and son's life hang in the balance as he desperately fight for their lives and his own redemption for past crimes and regrets (sound familiar?). With this warrior of the west I found a kinship a brotherhood as we rode thru New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso and West Elizabeth: gunfighting, roping, riding and Marston showed me a new definition for dragging ass.

the Red Dead Redemption of John Marston crossed paths with some colorful hombres, real killers some of these men were forced to do wrong others just dead ass wrong or dead ass crazy.

the women that play this game of cowboys and Indians are as tough, skilled and beautiful as the western landscape itself. One of the most prominent cattlemen in New Austin is a woman. Bonnie McFarlane, strong, focused and taking no nonsense. Bonnie is virtuous and vulnerable but is in no way wolf bait. I embody the spirit of the Tiger, Bonnie has the spirit of an unbroken mare a true prize to a cowboy that can rope her. Down in Nuevo Paraiso is a beautiful desert flower with thorns; Luisa Fortuna has the heart to fight a corrupt gov. and the highest fidelity to the cause, a real revolutionary. My little sister makes me proud to see her work. And if you don't respect her G you better hope she doesn't call on me.

Here are some more Outlaws that I know

Don't think I forgot Tuco. Captain Boomerang is the Tuco of the Suicide Squad. The misunderstood, underestimated ass hole. Tuco is aggravating but entertaining, skilled and as fatal as anyone of the men up top. Secretly one of my favorite operatives to work with on the Squad even though I have to check this dummy to often.

If Red Dead Redemption was a video game It would be the best damn game I ever played. It's escapism on steroids. This game is better than 80% of the movies these days. Matter of fact Red Dead should be a movie. The closest thing to it right now is Hell on Wheels. If you haven't seen it, check it out. It's John Marston on TV.


  1. Nice work on this one Omega. Very nice. Love the creativity and originality poured into this one.
    I remember briefly playing this game when I was younger, but didn't stick to it. You should definitely create a skit/story with the SS to kind of parallel the RDR. Especially since you have most of the figures available to do this right?
    Great job man!

  2. Thanks Compadre, Red Dead is the most grippin story I ever experienced in a video game or otherwise. And I might take you up on the skit. Now it's time to dig thru my toys.

  3. Which ones do you have anyway?

    If you want if you have a yahoo messenger account, hit me up. I'm at

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