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Friday, June 22, 2012

Gunz and Onez: the 23rd Chamber

Tools of the TRADE:

What's the weapon of a living weapon? I don't know exactly, but I do know that every great superhero not only has theme music, but their own trademarked weapon of choice; magic lasso, Billy clubs, utility Belt..... the mighty Mjolnir. Now I don't have to tell you who these weapons belong to and the same holds true for the ceremonial battle mask of Benjamin Turner. It's without a doubt the tiger mask.

Having traveled from Atlantis to Apocalypse the tiger mask has served BT well.
But I have a love hate relationship with this particular piece of head gear.
Most artist can't draw it correctly, it either looks stupid and awkward or the mask
makes the man look like an actual tiger. A redesign is needed for sure.

Mia Cabrera over at Deviant has the best version to date.
A stylized tiger with elements of a Japanese Samurai kabuto 
and the Wakidate (side crest) could represent
the Clan of Sakanoye NoTamuramaro.

On certain missions and at random times the Bronze Tiger uses weapons
of his Shogun roots. Which leads to a question.
Should the Tiger have another trademark weapon?


  1. i think it was Suicide Squad #38 "Tiger Tiger Burning Bright" that first took an in depth look at the psychological significance of the tiger mask. i don't mind BT using a random weapon from time to time but i prefer the idea of him using his mask to get "juiced" before going into battle. by the way where did you get that clip art in the posting of BT with those wu tang swords? and speaking of which i wanted tot give you a heads up about some BT clip art from my Impel trading cards posting series. but you might have seen those that had BT in them already.

  2. Yeah we all know how and why the mask was introduced. Now what? Let's go forward. Let's find out where the mask really came from. Let's find out what happened on all those assassination missions. Who is Myoshi, what happened with Ben an Onyx (the goodlooking version). Let's look into all the spider holes he has all over the world. Basically.....keep it moving.

    What we already know is old news.

    1. at this rate i'd just be happy to see BT make an appearance in the new DCU. it might give me a reason to buy any new DC comics again.

    2. This is true my brother, and this is what I use these blogs for, real conversation about the characters I like and or gets no exposure. On a real note hoping and praying for one of these comic book companies to bring back the Tiger correctly is for fools. It's right here on your page and other Squad pages for this to happen.

      And this goes for any other character that the company don't have any interest in or don't know how to sell. So my friend let's have entertaining conversations the way we want to. Cause I don't give a damn about begging them.

      And if somewhere, anywhere on the internet that I've left that impression somwhere......I take it back, retract it and the deck is open. what's up.?.

    3. fucken eh! Young Justice was another rerun today. maybe it's time you did some original BT fan art to showcase? for what it's worth i'll be having some postings in the near future lambasting DC and adam glass.

    4. Hidden Blades keep asking me the same thing? I'm struggling to pick up the pencil man. I can't seem to catch that high. Look how long it takes me to make a post:)

    5. it sounds like you just need some inspiration, check your email.

  3. Fucking awesomely sweet work as usual Omega! Can I say awesomely? Fuck it, I just did. Yes, you are that damn good! Makes me feel bad man, please stop!:)

    I hear ya' about making our own adventures with characters only we seem to love. It seems to be too often the case with big companies like Marvel and DC. If they're not the big 3 or a hot character in their minds at that moment, then fagittaboutit!

    It's up to individual fans like you to carry the torch, and keep it lit long enough to hopefully re-spark that level of interest in the powers that be.

    In the immortal words of the Crystal Method, "Keep hope alive!"

    I'd do more serious stuff like what you do, but I'm lazy and it would take way more time setting shit up than what even I'd like to do. Plus, I like joking around and throwing familiar characters into real-life, but absurd situations that most everybody would love to see them in. At least that's what Robot Chicken's taught me, so maybe I'm wrong. Hey I'm just better w/the jokes that's all.

    Hey Shlomo, does that mean Glass isn't getting a Christmas or Hanukkah card from you this year? Ha!

    No, I hear ya, unless you're in to the popular DC characters like Batman, GL, or the JLA, expect, no count on, being majorly disappointed. This truly applies to the Suicide Squad, because unless sales reflect how you and undoubtedly a bunch of other loyal SS fans, expect more of the same. This is the NuDCU, not the old, thus everything that was once good and decent has been blown up and left behind.

    Seriously, Omega, fucking stop making us look bad. Jeezus!

  4. Thanks comrade, and you have the right idea. let's have fun with this genre that we obviously love. Everyone of us has a specific syle and atmosphere connected to our blogspots. And that's what I like, God loves wonderous variety and so do I.

    I look at it like this. I come over to the madhouse to act a fool and have fun. At Jay's it's all Siskel and Ebert. Dans news and reports, Shlomo is all Squad then and now. And me, it's insightful conversation, action and a drama, a little country and a little bit of rock and roll with an overtone of hip hop.

    I hate Dogma. I luv continuity, but growth and development is a must. Over here, lets talk character and comics .... and be ye entertained.

    1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Omega you are the man. You have a serious amount of insight regarding these characters that get little to no attention from the powers that be. I may not post often but I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and it seems like your regular followers enjoy your blog as much as I do. It seems that thou have a serious amount of talent that should be directed into starting your own comic.

  5. Thanks Gemini1, I looked at the mask and instantly saw a kubuto. This could lead the Tiger into new directions.

    A Japanese background, fiancee revealed Not to be dead, the un-named assassin returns as a major enemy, Sensei's true intentions to replace the Demon head. I got this all (most) from looking at the tiger mask.

    As the devils advocate: why have a mask at all? It looks stupid when he looks like a house cat or worse. All that backstory, future stuff could still apply without the mask.

  6. Yeah I guess that pretty much describes what we all do. I never really thought of it like that, but yeah that sounds about right.

    -Dan's the Geraldo reporter-type, but without the cheesy mustache and credibility issues.

    -Shlomo's like the political-minded Anderson Cooper, except Jewish, so I guess that makes him the John Steward of the group.

    -You're like Wesley Snipes, with the major interest in marital arts, except I'm pretty sure you pay your taxes:)

    -Googum's...damn I don't know what Googum is, other than a regular guy who plays with toys too much and drinks Windex for fun. So I guess that makes him maybe Paul Reubens, minus the having sex in a theater? Maybe that Billy Mays guy from those infomercials?

    -And then there's me; the crazy owner of a madhouse, that invites everybody over for drinks, even though everyone's already wasted beyond belief. An an eternal child through and through. I guess that makes me Arthur, minus the money and personal butler. So that means I'm the poor Arthur.

  7. Haaaaaah,,,dude if you had'nt joined this blog site, I would have sent some of those loa boyz over to the madhouse, dressed you in a cheetah costume and called in Hulk Grundy.

    John Anderson Steward. Shlomo is gonna kill you, I can't wait to see what he comes up with.

    Wesley is my Sensei and the one true master of kicking asses. Merlin is gone to have a conversation with his accountant.

    Hey how do you join Googum's site? I didn't see a followers list.

  8. Yeah I know right? Just copy his blog address and then go into your main blogger edit page, go to add blog, and then type in his address. I'll tell him to go make it easier for people to join. Idk, I guess he's just anti-social that way:) Nawwww he's cool, trust me.

    Ha ha, you were really going to make me dress up in a Cheetah costume? Damn homie, I though we were friends an' shit?:)

    Ha, you got me on that one. Point for Omega.

  9. with all of the many attributes and features that the tiger has i'm surprised that he doesn't get as much spotlight as other big name characters in the DCU.
    i mean a spot on a recent comic book team if not his own book w/ or w/o a team to lead.

    Overall the tiger mask is amazing. If i was a villain i would steal it and steal a utility belt to compliment it. If i was a hero i would keep it as a trophy.

  10. No doubt. And it should be a no brainer to market this guy, get him in front of kids on Saturday morning cartoons. Right now Young Justice is the perfect platform for kids and grown up kids too.

    If I know how to do make the number one super spy of the DCU popular, they do too. If I know to spotlight a comic book with the Bronze Tiger with a real artist a real writer and hardcore cameo's doing fly shit, they do too.

    So, what's the answer to this conundrum? It's a dirty nasty plot against the Jason Borune, the Neil Shaw, the DC 007, to hide the greatness of the Tiger King. A damn conspirscy. The fear of.........

    end of transmission