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Black Manta

Friday, June 29, 2012

Secret Origin : the Art of War

Not So Secret: It must be two sides

Real Name: Benjamin Turner
Code Name: the Bronze Tiger

True identity: Only known by the Sensei and Wong Fei

Gov. agency files: the foundation of the character was set up by creator Dennis O'neil, Jim Berry and artist Leo Duranona.

the Tiger was transformed into an ass kicking super spy, assassin and hero by John Ostrander, Kim Yale and artist Luke McDonnell. Bronze Tiger DC Universe.

Bronze Tiger, Rick Flagg and Nightshade

The forward progression of the Bronze Tiger as a master martial artist with the powers of mystic Wu-Shu
was shown in Batman, The Brave and the Bold episode, where he and Batman took in the powers of the
Wu dang totem.
"Return of the fearsome Fangs."

Head of the body, leader of the team

Favorite Mission Team:
Bronze Tiger
Captain Boomerang

would have added Shade but his uniform is corny.

What's yours ?


  1. Nice post Omega. Digging the SS pics you put in here. I actually have that Suicide Squad issue, #38 myself. Great art, and great story too, as it really gave the readers a lot of insight into the tragic past of one Ben Turner.

    You should post more SS pics like these as I'm sure Shlomo, myself, and others will be very pleased by seeing how things used to be.

    As for favorite SS mission squad?
    Here's my ideal squad, as I don't think Deadshot and BT were on too many missions together right? I could be wrong on that.

    I'd have to say Bronze Tiger(of course),Deadshot, Count Vertigo, Nightshade, Captain Boomerang, Vixen, and Shade(yeah doesn't have the best costumes around during this period, but I like him and unique set of powers.)
    Of course you can't have all these characters around and no one dies, so I'd throw in Punch and/or Jewelee for the customary victim.

    1. Yes Sirrrr. That's a good line up and your right, I would throw in any number of DC duds for cannon fodder. Punch and Jewelee are number one and two on the list.

      There will be more of the original, just for the boyz. And man I read your comments over at Belle Reve (Shlomo"s spot) dude I went to sleep laughing. You are the undisputed.

  2. when i first came to this posting i thought you had uncovered some new BT clip art but then i realized what you did :) people who know photoshop and run blogs fucken rock! of course i happen to be one of those people so i rock but that goes with out saying.
    Ostrander ALWAYS made the Squad team a great read regardless of the roster mix up so this is kinda hard for me. but i'll go with Rick Flag, BT, Nightshade, Vertigo, Boomerang, Duchess (Lashina), Vixen, Deadshot, Plastique, The Atom and Oracle.

    1. This is true, however, everybody has that one squad member they like over all others and or his supporting cast. I like your line up.

      Got a question? do you think Rick and Ben can coexist in the same book as protagonist?

      Who is the true protagonist in the relaunch?

      What is the new Suicide Squad title truly about?

    2. they worked well together in the original Ostrander series as well as in the later 9 issue mini-series. plus they also worked together a little bit in Checkmate (Vol.2). they work well together and have a lot of respect for each other just like Kirk and Spock from Star Trek.
      as far as the other questions go ya got me bro. i don't know what the fuck adam glass is thinking. my next posting which will go up in a day or two will have a screen shot of my messages to him on Facebook which he never replied to.

    3. I think so too. It would be good if the Tiger's story would get explored past and future though. I love the Kirk and Spock comparison, it was perfect.

      Because I was about to say Ben and Rick together is overkill, with a whole lot of explinations until you shut that down. So much for my soap box.

      I will be on watch for your questions for Mr.Glass and I hope he decides to jump in.

    4. in light of what we're talking about have a look at this posting it's one of the earliest on the SS blog:

  3. Hey that's a great Paul MCcartney/Stevie Wonder song! They're the only one off the top of my head to pull that song off!:)

    Personally I don't think having Flagg and BT on the same team is overkill. BT only stepped up to fill the leadership role because Flagg went AWOL and wasn't an option anymore. Otherwise yeah Ideally, Flagg's the head guy, w/BT as a very capable second-in-command. The Kirk/Spock analogy really does work here to explain the dynamic between the 2 so yeah that fits. I mean, do you consider Cap and Wolverine on the same team overkill despite the fact that they both kinda' feel the same role. Notice I said kind of.

    My question is how many times did Deadshot and BT go out on missions? Yeah I know I should know this, but I'm admittedly not as strong in my SS knowledge as you two good gentlemen.

    I imagine Deadshot didn't fuck w/ BT too much, even though he had an unstated deathwish, I imagine it wasn't that strong enough to poke the tiger in the cage:)

    As for writing Mr. Glass, I'd love, love to see any response of his. Go Shlomo for doing that. I'll have to follow that up by shooting hard on him myself. Ugh nice, I just saw what I wrote, and yeah, I'm so perverted, sometimes it just comes out whether I want it to or not. Opps, there I go again:)

    Finally, I'm glad I made your day and evening Omega. Trust me I imagined the rest of the 5 and some others, reading the list and LOLing like crazy after reading it as well. Once again, thank you Shlomo for being a good sport. You really do rock my brother from a Jewish mother.

    1. Oh, Dale come now. I like Flagg but as field commander Ben is much more than the average bear. Strategic, decisive, and if you get out of line, your ass is dealt with.

      Ostrander gave us this in his original run and the mini series. Both an outstanding show of who the character is.

      Salvation Run GARBAGE
      appearances running down rogues GARBAGE

      The only thing missing from Ostranders works, was good consistent Bronze Tiger fight scenes. A real show of a martial arts master against big time villains. And I fault everybody involved on the books for that, including John.

      Rick Flagg has already shown he can't carry a book as the lead character. And Flagg didn't go AWOL, the Privateer beating the shit out him among other things, lead to him not being able to perform.