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Friday, August 24, 2012

Who is the Unknown Assassin

of the

The 5 Deadly Venom were the Bronze Tiger's major villains with Kobra (Regulus) being the arch-enemy. The Sensei is next and the leader of the League of Shadows. The League is the other half of the League of Assassins where Ra's Al Ghul is the leader. The Sensei (Demon Fang) and Ra's (Demon Head) are at war for total control of this assassins guild. Of course members chose sides and each side has it's own formidable killers. These three are the Sensei's top operatives; Jishi, David Cain and Professor Ojo.

Jishi's first and only appearance that I know of is in Detective 485. He's the unnamed assassin that stabbed BT in the back. This guy looks the part of a killer and should have been developed more. No fear true believer, OA1 has crafted a name and story around this guy and it will be revealed in a later post, stay tuned.

David Cain, is the father of Cassandra who was once Batgirl. The most deadliest Batgirl to date. She received parts of her training by yours truly the Bronze Tiger. With the torturous abuse that her father put her through I can only see retribution (a good beating) being dealt to Cain by her Master Ben Turner.
Professor Ojo, he's not a martial arts assassin, but a dangerous murderer none the less. Everybody knows how the mad scientist story plays out. So moving on, Ojo shows up here and there but his best appearance is in young justice the animated series that's super hot right now. Him the Sensei, Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Shadows all have shown up on the show. You guys just don't know how much I was hoping BT would show up at some point. Bradon Vietti, Greg Weisman, lets do this guys.
With continuity issues, the new 52 and the interpretation of whoevers writing, things change.
In Young Justice the LOA and Shadows are one in the same, so with that being said, we'll figure out the details together. Long live the Squad


  1. so here we are back in the tiger cage! i remember that Ojo guy from at least a couple of YJ episodes including the one with Belle Reve. i always wondered what the deal was with that helmet. one of my favorite scenes from that episode is when he was about to recognize the undercover Superboy just as Ms. Martian telepathically made him still think SB was Tommy Terror from the Terror Twins. the way the dialogue played out still cracks me up you know what scene i'm talking about?

  2. Yeah, You know I watched that episode several times. YJ is the show right now. I want to see them exspand on the LOS storyline. Roy and Cheshire are in the Himalayas right now.

    1. thanks for the back ground on the other bad guys too. for anyone out there who wants to know what YJ episode we're talking about here's the first half of the episode, Ojo shows up at 6:40 min.:

      yeah man that blows how they ended that season on the Roy clone and Cheshire just finding the "real" Roy Harper. can't wait to see the first episode of the new season. there's actually a lot of good story lines that i want to see played out. if you find out when season is supposed to start be sure to give a shout out and i'll do the same. that goes for anybody who finds out don't keep it to yourself i don't really watch the cartoon network unless YJ is on. give the video about a minute but you will see some upcoming YJ previews here:
      long live the Suicide Squad and Young Justice.

  3. Yes sir, Young Justice is that good people. If you like action, characters that develop right before your eyes, drama and beautiful animation. This your show.

    Aqualad, Black Manta and Aquaman is the storyline that I want to really be paramount in the next season. I saw Aqualad actually hurt Superboy and look like an actual treat to the team. If they keep that intensity when he returns to the team it will bring a legitamate toughness that all good teams have to have.

    The assassin Jishi should show up in the new DCU as a threat to BT and a medium to expand on Bronze Tiger's story. Bronze Tiger Young Justice would also be a major move. I can see a syndrome (the Incredibles) reaction from adoring fans.

  4. See I don't remember any official statement that that was the last episode of the season. No warning or anything, just re-runs all of a sudden.

    But yeah, what a cliffhanger to end on though, not to mention the obvious reveal about Aqualad being a double agent.

    Looking forward to next season indeed.

    Good profile info here Omega. Professor Ojo reminds me of the Ten-eyed man and Crazy Quilt.

    Looking forward to more.....

    1. Yeah he does now that you point it out.
      One of the things that I really like about Young Justice is that it showed us more than the mainsteam DCU.

      Tell me something Dale, couldn't they have just as easily had BT training the youngsters and backing em up secretly on misions to get him some exposure?

      yea or Nea, where do you think my guy could fit into the show?

  5. Oh most definitely they could've had BT there training those kids. Hell, they could've thrown Mr.Terrific in there too. Oh well, maybe next season.

    1. Where does Mr. Terrific fit in Young Justice (were you trying to be funny)?

      Young Justice has introduced the League of Shadows. BT was once their best assassin.

      Sensei and Ojo were instrumental in BT's origin.

      The Tiger dojo has produced some of the best fighters in the DCU.

      The kids needed training, Canary is already established and overused.

      Young Justice is packed with diversity so minorities for minorities sake is not the move, or my insinuation.

      The Bronze Tiger is (for lack of a better quote) "The best there is at what he does" That's why he could and should be on the show. He just happens to be Black.

  6. Ha, no not trying to be funny. I just figured since he was introduced so seamlessly in the JLU series, the same could apply here, even though he hasn't been mentioned yet.

    BT makes sense as a trainer for the reasons you already mentioned, and combined with Canary(which would be a hell of a fight between those two by the way) should be quite the list of trainers. That doesn't even factor in any additional training Batman, Nightwing, Green Arrow, and/or J'onn could teach.

    I guess we'll all have to see what next season brings. Hopefully some new SS action, and BT showing up too.

    1. This would be good. I just heard that J'onn is going to head up a new Justice League of America next year. The art work is David Finch so you know it's beyond good.

      For the life of it all, I still don't see how BT isn't a big part of the DCU? Do me a favor Dale. Go to my first posting of the Bronze Tiger and see if I missed anything. I'm going to read back over it and I'll see you over there.

  7. Ok. But what did you think you missed? The cover, btw, is David Finch, but the interior art, is Ivan Reis, fresh off his stint on Aquaman. Should be good.