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Monday, October 1, 2012

Girl Power

The Ladies Represent

and not just for us to act a fool over
(But I will fight the Iron Fist for Misty Knight).
Strong, Independent and absolutely Devastatingly good at what they do. So here's a couple of snap shots of some power hitters from the Marvel and DC Universe's.

I read the Villains for Hire mini series after Heroes for Hire because it sort of mirrored the one and only Suicide Squad and discovered Misty Knight. I knew her from Power Man and Iron Fist, Shadowland and so on, but I got to see a Misty Knight that can hold her own with out Collin Wing, Danny Rand and Luke Cage. Hope Marvel doesn't give up on her, she's the real deal.
the best of the DCU
It's a damn shame Nubia is missing from this picture and missing from the DCU all together. Wonder Woman's twin sister is amazing and would add something that has never existed before to the new DCU.
I guess they thought she was playing.?.
 Diana kicked Green Lantern's ASS!
More proof that the women do cosplay right. They own it.
Who is your favorite five Suicide Squad girl members?
Who is your Super Seven?
combining both universes to get your top seven Ladies.
Pam Grier
Misty Knight 


  1. you should have told me you were gonna post some Misty Knight stuff i woulda hooked you up with digital art of her that i did last year. i was picking the Heroes For Hire series right before Villains For Hire started. it was great i don't know why H4H didn't last longer. i'd love to see a Misty Knight/Roy Harper cross over as something of a bionic duo.

  2. the bionic duo, I like it. And I can still use the Misty digital work and a lesson or two. I think h4h didn't last because the members weren't vested. Every book can't pull off rotating characters like we do or did. I thhink every team really needs to have a core. Even the supporting characters need to be consistent. I will say this; Danny is a fool not to have and to hold Ms Knight.

    1. i never thought of this before but by making Amanda Waller a slim woman now who is tough Adam Glass basically made her into DC's version of Misty Knight. as a non heavy set woman The Wall now has lost some of her distinctiveness. check your email.

    2. Your right, the real Amanda Waller is gone. Oh well...I still got Misty.

      And thanks, I can add and update with what you sent over. Pam is amazing ain't she.

    3. yes she is. and she made a pretty good Amanda Waller on Smallville as irony would have it.

  3. If I were to put together DC's Magnificent She-Seven
    1) Batgirl
    2) Big Barda
    3) Mera
    4) Saturn Girl
    5) Supergirl
    6) Wonder Woman
    7) Zatanna

    My B-Team of leftover favorites:
    Cassandra Caine
    The Huntress
    Power Girl
    The Vixen

    Marvel Comics' Estrogen-8:
    Invisible Woman

    1. the estrogen-8, pretty funny. It's good to see you come thru Frank, hadn't heard from you in a minute. The line up is good my friend and I had forgotten all about Clea.

      No Squad favorites? Well Shlomo didn't give any either and I'm surprised Megan didn't make the list. The B team is cool too.

  4. Very, very cool re-design on the banner there Omega. So that's what you've been doing all this time:)

    Good post subject as well, as the ladies don't always get their due in a male-dominated market/comic world. It's a testament to those ladies that manage to survive and thrive in such an environment, that makes them all the more iconic.

    Now if you want to see an example of girl power Marvel-style, check out Hulk#9(Jan/Feb 2009) It's got sweet Frank Cho art, and features She-Hulk and her Lady Liberators vs. Red Hulk/Rulk. Damn funny:)

    1. I must admit that making Betty and Thunderbolt Ross Red Hulks was a good move. I wish my local comic book store had a small table and chairs set up so I could burn 2 or 3 hours at the shop. I want to get a new Marvel pull list together because I'm about finished buying so many DC titles, Hell my favorite DC guy isn't even featured in the new 52 universe.

      That's the biggest reason posting has come to a stand still. Where do the new pics and reviews on Ben gonna come from? If the Tiger or Manta have a coming out party sometime soon, I'll be in buisness.

  5. Ha ha, I bet. At least there's the current season of YJ to keep you busy, especially with the aforementioned Sportsmaster vs. Black Manta fight coming....

  6. Sorry OA1. I've been a bad reader across the board on the blog front, not just here. Truth to tell, I'm barely keeping up with my own, and a few of them have fallen by the wayside. I'm hoping that'll improve later in the month.

    Vixen made the b-team, but the only Squad femme ever to flirt with the a-list is Amanda Waller in terms of strength of character. Outside of Deadshot and Bronze Tiger, the men aren't much better. They're expendable as a team, and they're typically not even the strongest villains, who as a class exist to be beaten by heroes. That obviously hurts them as a force in dream teams.

    1. Diabolu, this is sadly true. Amanda, Deadshot and Bronze Tiger are the only ones dream team worthy even though I really like Boomerang.

      Now my favorite five Squad women

      1. Amanda Waller

      2. Plastique

      3. Vixen

      4. Killer Frost

      5. Nightshade

      The Super Seven

      1. Wonder woman

      2. Storm

      3. Electra

      4. Misty Knight

      5. Hawkgirl

      6. Vixen (before 52)

      7. Sabra

    2. Hi Omega, what's going on dude? Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been busy lately. But I guess I could never be too busy to post about my League of Extraordinary Women:

      #1 Wonder Woman (OF COURSE!)
      #2 Storm
      #3 Hawkgirl
      #4 Mera
      #5 She-Hulk
      #6 The Phoenix Jean Grey
      #7 Rogue

      I know you said seven but I like these girls too!!

      #8 Harley Quinn
      #9 Power girl
      #10 The Black Cat

    3. Mera is hella popular right now (thanks Geoff) and the She Hulk is too. I guess all were waiting on now is for Jean to come back. I hope she get her another boyfriend cause Cyclops has been going out so weak lately, no for awhile now. And isn't it a hurtful trip how Storm and T'Challa broke up? Damn you Marvel comics.

  7. Thats a cool new masthead you've got up there mr! And I dig that shot of Tigra that fronts the first Marvel image. Some artists draw her to 'Cheesecake' for me. They need to remember the wildside a bit more like it shows off here!

    As for seven, hmmmm. I think I would run with
    1) Wonder Woman, 2) She-Hulk, 3) Psylocke, 4) Black Canary, 5) Mohawk Storm, 6) Lashina and 7) Susan Storm - which I always thought was a better hero name then the one she uses!

    Nice post!

  8. Glad you chimed in compadre, I too think Susan Storm is a better name. T'Challa should also be called T'Challa now since his sister is now the Black Panther.

    I'm diggin the different line ups that's been coming in. It's a hard thing to do when you like so many. I see my girl Lashina on your list. Doesn't she always bring sensual danger to every situation.

  9. I picked my top five ladies from Marvel and DC.

    1) Batwoman
    2) Storm
    3) Wonder Woman
    4) Anita Blake

    There's another...her name is Damali. She was included in one graphic novel adaptation of L A Banks Vampire Huntress Legends. L A penned 12 novels with Damali and her crew. RIP L A. The name of her graphic novel is DAWN AND DARKNESS.

    1. Cool. I'll check for her. I know Blake though, she's the real deal. Dawn of the Darkness, I like the name.

  10. DC Women all the way

    Barda, Catwoman, Stargirl and on , and on...

    1. Hello mystery guest. DC does have an all star lineup. Hope you check out the Tiger cage more often, thankx for the comment.