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Monday, October 8, 2012


Ascension of the Samurai
The Bronze Tiger has been Ronin, is Samurai and must find the sword and bow of Sakanouye-no-Tamuramaro to become shogun. The armor and weapons of the 1st Sei-i Tai is his birth right and the key to crushing the oni that has been released against the world.
Sakanouye is looking  over one of the last sons of Tamuramaro, the Bronze Tiger (SS:OA1).
Sakanouye-no-Tamuramaro:Sei-i Tai, Shogun of early Japan, 1st man to hold the title Shogun, which is the highest rank to which a warrior could aspire. Tamuramaro is a Japanese man of African decent. The most celebrated Black general of the Heian period (794-1185) and the originator of what was to develop into the renowned Samurai class.
The word shogun means savage destroyer. A shogun is a hereditary governor of Japan. A ruling warlord. They were the absolute rulers until 1867; the warrior kings. Sakanouye is the conqueror of the indigenous Ainu / Emishi and the demon crushing avatar of the Bishamon. Many temples are dedicated to him as the avatar (check Chinese and Japanese historical records and mythology). Sakanouye is a Black man that's Japanese. Japanese culture and native. what should be known is that Tamuramaro was a paragon of military virtues, loved and is celebrated all over Japan and a hero in his own right.
Killing demons
The purpose of this posting is not only a history lesson, but to also show that it's material out there to pull from and it's absolutely no reason the Bronze Tiger shouldn't be featured in the DC universe, in a title in an animated series and in any other medium at DC's disposal. Able to take on the most skilled all the way up to the most powerful.
"It's not Marvel and DC's place to create our stories. We should create our own stories"
Dwayne McDuffie


  1. Very, very nice post Omega. I'm glad you found your niche, especially since I'm digging the mix of historical facts w/your own fiction. Very nice indeed! I'm a little history buff myself, so I can really appreciate the effort and research that went into this.

    And very nice inclusion of that really good and true quote from the late Dwayne McDuffie; he's so right about that, and that quote should probably be the indie publishing mantra:)

  2. Agreed. It looks like indie might be the way to go. The problem for me is the characters I grew up with and the ones I discovered thru the years from the big two are hard to let go.

  3. Yeah, and there's no need to ignore them or leave them behind as long as you always have the back issues:)

  4. You make a compelling arguement Omega. I like history and love how you back up your POV with the history behind it. Thanks for an awesome post.

    1. Ahhhh.......I'm glad you get where OA1 is coming from. I love this comic genre and hate alot of things about it as well. This is my medium to ask the hard questions, draw up the comparisons and welcome or repel all enemy borders from my decks.

      Melissa, my friend I was so ecstatic that the man with the Iron Fist came out and was utterly disappointed at what the movie said to the demographics (us, them, we).

      One day I hope somebody else will get it, or get wit it.