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Black Manta

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pencils and Pens

Interpretation                                                                                 is Everything

Bronze Tiger BATB: Zealand Jones
This is a favorite of mine. Wish BT had made more appearances on 
the Brave and the Bold.

Vixen and the Falcon: Peter Temple
Shlomo sent me this one. I don't really know Mr.Temple but he's one of my favorite artist.
And this is my choice look for BT by Peter. Matter of fact I wouldn't mind if BT was a Marvel character. He'd probably be better off.

Doom vs Suicide Squad: Comic Vine
 Doom is an enemy of the whole world. 
Why not every universe?

DSC Bronze Tiger: Tulio 19mx deviantArt
This guy has the look down pack, modern temp fade hair cut, 
bandolier type chest piece etc.
I like the direction the face is going in. Great concept.

Task ForceX: Shlomo the man deviantArt
Young Justice never did finish the League of shadows story line
and got cancelled before they could roll into the Legends story arc
but it would have been niiiice to see Bronze Tiger and Deadshot do their thing on YJ.

Suicide Squad #0: ledkilla, deviantArt
And here is the newest crew to call themselves the Squad.

Bronze Tiger origin Who's Who DC comics


  1. oh i forgot about that Dr. Doom vs The Suicide Squad piece i shared that with you before no? i so miss the old DCU. i just can't really get into the crap they've been shoveln into comic shops these days. i'm gonna have some more old school stuff stuff in my next posting also that pertains to Mari and Ben.

    1. Man, it get's hard out here for the Geeks (the Fly ones). You might have to go Marvel. The Fearless Defenders has been good. Wolverine #1 looked and felt like Chris Claremont was still on board (kinda). The the new Avengers is good. Time to switch my friend.

    2. ain't nuthin to switch too brother i've got a whole other set of grievances with Marvel when it comes to new comics. it's all about the back issue bins especially the discount ones :)
      P.S. fuck cartoon network (i just have to have that here and there once in a while)

  2. Great pieces! Damned shame about no Bronze Tiger in YJ. He'd be way better off at Marvel, as evidenced by the Black Panther.

  3. I agree, BT would be treated a whole hell of a lot better. Hell he'd be a shoe-in for membership on one of, if not, the main Avengers roster. Cool art you've showed us Omega;)

    1. Just put some things up to let you guys know I'm still around.

      @Dave: Thankx for the pics

  4. I don't know, OA. Maybe the Marvel of yesteryear, but lately they're killing off and mistreating old characters just as much at Marvel as they are at DC. Storm's basically been sidelined in Ultimate X-Men lately. Except for brief glimpses. And while I like Kitty Pryde (no really, I LOVE Kitty Pryde) I'm not really a fan of ULTIMATE Kitty Pryde.
    Now, I realize these are Ultimate books. I get that. But still. I want STORM. Dagnabbit. At least on more than three freaking pages.
    I just read about a years worth of back issues. I'm a little testy.
    Haven't gotten to the normal 'verse yet.
    I love the art. I really wish YJ had gotten to that story arc. Yet another thing to be broken hearted about.

    1. I am broken up about Storm and I pretty much just wrote her off. Ororo Munro has died I don't know or care about the new Storm. And I love Kitty as well, all the way up to the point where they killed her. Now we have ultimate Kitty :(

      The New Avengers is building up to something good though, and the way they've nailed the personalities is F'N great. The art work...mind blowing. I'm going to buy the book just for the drawings.

      I kinda been waiting for this. Secret Avengers, New, Uncanny Xmen, Fearless Defenders I could go on. The only reason I'm still around the DC universe is for JLA, Batwing, JL, Aquaman (Black Manta) and Suicide Squad. And I still collect SS because I'm sorta a loyalist.

      I havn't seen Bronze Tiger at all. If the new Nick Fury gets a new uniform and his own book Green Lantern is off my pull list. I'm really waiting on a reason (book) to drop Justice League. This new Legion of Doom thing better be good. DC knows BT should have a book, a mini series, Damn a one shot. No haps right? So???? I'm easing my way out the door.

    2. I feel ya. Loyalty has me hanging around Teen Titans. But I've been with that book so's a relationship longer than any other in my life other than my parents. I used to say Legion was my other stalwart. And honestly, I didn't think a reboot could muck that up, because they've rebooted Legion so many times over the years, what's one more going to hurt? But this time really has kinda blown.
      I need to settle down and read the regular Marvel books, but that's another couple weeks out of my life. :) I have faith, though. Still. Everything comes back around. Ororo will be back. Kitty will be wonderful. Cassie won't be such a rage monster. And Dick won't be such a...well. You know.
      Eventually, someone will start writing these books who loves the characters like we do. We just need to wait for them to grow up.

  5. And that's why I mostly buy back issues from these companies nowadays. I might occasionally buy something new from DC or Marvel, but mostly I support other comic companies like Dynamite Comics or Boom Comics, because they don't insult their readers' intelligence with shitty and unnecessary reboots and the like.

    And then there's my ultimate addiction for which I never want to be cured: Action Figure collecting. With their classic forms intact, I can simply pretend the endless amount of reboots and soft reboots never happened, thus ensuring peace and tranquility on my toy shelf;)

    1. I just had to laugh at that. Do you make them all shake and go out for beers after they insult each other in one of your skits, Dale?

    2. HA HA ...

      I saw part of comic book men and Dynamite is going to work on or publish some corny comic put together from the crew at the stash. Boy does it pay to be connected, cause the crap they presented is poo doo.