Black Manta

Black Manta

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Alik'r Tiger Dragon

the Dragonborn

Swirling crackling surges of power flow thru me as I step thru Dooms doorway this time. Again I find myself trapped in another world, another dimension behind deaths doorway. Nubia? By now Nubia must know that me learning to traverse these passageways has gone kinda wrong. My disappointed smile is greeted  by ///

( Whiterun guard ) Dragonborn! You must be, is it true...could you be the one to save Tamriel?

I've been here for years now. Benjamin Turner the Bronze Tiger now Alamarr Mairu, Alik'r Tiger Dragon; Dragonborn from Hammerfell. What is this Dragonborn? The prophesied hero of Skyrim. The master of the voice, the slayer of the world eater Alduin. But who am I really, and why? Why am I not with Nubia swimming the waters of the Styx, basking in the sun and hunting thru the lush of the Island Slaughter.  There is a paradise that most men have never seen there. Fatal danger is always lurking, but isn't it lurking everywhere? Skyrim is my reality now and right now the Aldmeri Dominion has to be put to an end.  Hammerfell and Skyrim must unite or witness another great war. I've stopped the blight from Sovngarde.

 killed Dragon priest and worn there mask
layed waist to the falmer,

 roared the growlish screech of their language in death cry and became respectfully feared by the betrayed. 
infiltrated every faction 
of this fantastic and dangerous place.
sent Draugr to final resting, banished Daedra
and even found a companion.
I've spent years here in Skyrim running blades thru vampires, werewolves and devils whenever I can. 
Until I get back, if I get back
I am Alamarr Mairu, Redguard
the Alik'r Tiger Dragon

watch the sky's traveler.


  1. Heya, I didn't know you play Skyrim. Why'd you choose that game may I ask? I played GW2, but my graphic card is down now.

    1. Hello my sister, why Skyrim, Character creation #1. Once I got into the game the storyline is amazing. The world of Skyrim is deeply structured, heavy fantasy and grounded in some truths.

      I'm a sword and sorcery type of guy (love the sword hate the sorcery) And the Redguard race from the well developed characters of this game hate magic as well. They think it's a sign of weakness (mentally and physically).So that's how I built and played thru my guy.

      The Bronze Tiger is my favorite DC character that has no presence in the DCU and no material to post here at the Bronze Tiger blogspot, so I tied him and Nubia into a story and here you have it. The Alik'r Tiger Dragon.

      What do you think?

    2. Hey that's cool! I briefly thought of Skyrim around the time I was prepared to get a paid game but Guild Wars 2 seduced me. Hm.. if you don't fancy magic in general I'll mention that there's something called Sword and Soul. Its not in any video games yet, but its reached writing. Sharing just in case you'll like, check it out-

      If you remember my deleted blog LAYNE it was for my characters when I planned to create stories on their adventures in GW2. I like what you did with your character Alik'r Tiger Dragon, very creative.

    3. I wanted to be a member of LAYNE. I think I might do a blog like that myself for my own characters. Truth be told, I want to be able to do and share my characters and ideas with friends like you.

      Alamarr Mairu is actually one of those characters. Of course I added BT on but Skyrim inspired some real story for me with this guy. Redguard the DLC is rumor, and I pray to God that it actually comes out. I could play Skyrim for a couple more years.

      I'm going to check Guild Wars and Sword and Soul. Thanks little sister.

  2. Here's the group from Guild Wars & Guild Wars 2 that was most suitable for my characters:

    The Land:

    The People: Elonians




    1. I'm about to look at em now and see how long it takes me to build a character. I'll show you what I come up with.

    2. Alright cool, I'll check back to see what you come up with.

  3. My dumb, ignorant ass was going be all like "Oh nice, looks like you've been watching a lot of Game of Thrones lately" But after reading the comments, saw you based Ben's new adventures off a RPG? Either way, very cool man! I like the new twists and turns and added story elements you brought, both to the game and to the life of BT.

    I'm glad someones doing something decent, creative, and original with him, since DC obviously doesn't give a fuck about him. Very, very cool man. I'm truly impressed;)

    1. BT is everywhere in the realm of the Agent. Running around 007ing, doing his samurai thing with the LOA, love affairs, dimension traveling, team building with TFE, the whole nine.

      Funny how I can find a million concepts for this guy and DC refuses him a one shot or mini series. Punks

  4. Exactly. He's just not a priority character over there is why. Shame really:(

    1. It ain't nothing like real comrades though, and the Agent has his back.

      As far as DC is concerned, New Avengers, Secret Avengers, Uncanny X-Force... Marvel Now.

      I just came from the fun house. Excellent match up my friend. Only real comic book guys are going to know what my Boi brings to the table though. Can't blame em. So who can we blame? D_n D_ _ i _ . I'm joking, we can't blame him for everything.

      Can we?

  5. The only thing missing is a TARDIS. :) I haven't played Skyrim. I've been too busy perfecting my Dragon Age and Mass Effect runthroughs. With various side trips into the world of Bioshock. Honestly, I'm a bit scared that if I ever do get into it I'll never come out again. I'm a bit obsessive. I mean, I still have Ultima IV on my computer and keep trying to beat that game. Which, if you've ever played it, is pretty damn hard. I've been at it since the old Commodore 64 days.
    So I salute you for all your impressive achievements. Go get 'em Tiger.

    1. What Commodore 64 :) "we are the same you and I" (Skyrim quote) but true, I've beat Skyrim several times and I can't pull out (you just don't beat Skyrim). And i'll buy every DLC they put out, that's terrible ain't it?

      A Tardis is exactly (well kind of) what the Tartarus gates is and my man Bronze Tiger is caught up bad right now.

      Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Bioshock :) your hands are full. Random, I would love to see your guys.

      I'm glad you stopped by the cage.

    2. I'd love to show them to you, but I have no idea how to post that. Although the guys are always a little jerky. I use them to do a runthrough as an evil character. My girls, though, they kick ass and do it nicely. :) I also get every DLC. Which always sets off another marathon. Because I have to see the results of each choice, don't I? And man, does that ever tick off the kids who want XBOX time. I think I'm finally done with ME. Maybe. I can still level her up, though, which is tempting. I maxed out two characters on the first one, level wise, and it's silly how much accomplishment I felt at that.
      I really hope Bioware comes out with a new game soon. I'm going to end up back on SWTOR. And no one in my house wants that. It eats up the bandwidth.

    3. Ha Haaa we gotta do what we gotta do Jedi.

    4. And endure the morose wailings of small children? Sometimes it's worth it. ;)

    5. It's also why they invented headphones. :) Also, Dale's computer is kaputz again. So he might be off for a bit.