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Black Manta

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Redguard (DLC)

8 Million Stories

The rumor is Redguard is the next DLC for the daedra ridden world of Skyrim. The game had me from the opening sequence. To explore Hammerfell.....priceless. This story driven mythological blood fest is almost everything an RPG open world player could want. Build your guy or gal and play out the story however you like. The diversity of the Elder Scrolls did what two of my other favorite games didn't (Red Dead Redemption, Halo Reach). Everybody has a place and a roll to play in Tamriel. You can be Dragonborn. Star Wars didn't do this either, all hail Skyrim.

When I first saw this illustration I knew immediately that it involved the story of Saadia, from the "in my time of need quest". Saadia is on the run from Alik'r mercenary for supposedly betraying a royal house of Hammerfell.
 This picture as well as a lot of other Internet stuff says this particular side quest should have been a bigger deal in the game; Saadia should have been abducted and become a rescue mission, a follower, information broker and finally a marriage option. That's if you didn't decide to turn her over to Kematu or kill her. Hopefully the unanswered questions and loose ends will be tightened up if the Redguard dlc comes out.
 Another mission could be to travel to the void, confront Sithis and kill the Night Mother in Oblivion.
The Night Mother speaks thru a corpse on the physical plane of Tamriel. Her daedra minions are giant half spider half naked humans. When I found this out I understood why it was a giant frostbite spider at the Brotherhood hideout.

As the Listener, I got caught up in the Dark Brotherhood of assassins. I fit in perfectly. I admit that I'm one of the truest and most skilled killers of this sect, prone to violence but not to evil. The Night Mother must die.  The Brotherhood is ingrained into the fabric of Skyrim and fit my purpose and  plan to become Restless League; and an extension of the rebirth of the RaGaga.

I present this to the most trusted of my men Nazir, one of the only ones that doesn't have to die with the matron of this sanctuary of evil. I wait to hear what he feels about this proposal.

Nazir: "Alamarr, I will follow you till I'm dust in the breeze. You do realize that."

 Now I know the Night Mother is finished.

The big enemy of Redguard
the Aldemeri Dominion

The mysteries of the Deep Elves has every Skyrimer on pins and needles as well as the appearance of sand worms, Nafaalilargus the dragon, air ships and the sword of Prince A'tor.

Whatever the dlc is called; Stros M'kai, Dragonstar or Redguard, us Alik'r are so ready to attack it, innocent reeklings might get trampled.

It is some things I want fixed too

Display cases should hold items that fit

Make being a Thane or team leader mean something

Your follower should be able to ride a horse

and Fix the Lydia glitch!
I'm tired of wearing the amulet of Mara every damn day.


  1. Dadgumit, OA1, I'm supposed to be working on my writing, not planning to play another video game.

    1. I promise you, you wont be disappointed if you play the game. Hell, I want to play it with you (I'll be playing for real at some point today).

      I didn't know you were a writer, what do I need to buy (I support the home team)? I wanted to go back to school for journalism not gonna happen but I thought about it.

    2. Unfortunately Coolest Aunt In The World Duty kept me away from the gaming yesterday. We'll see how today plays out.
      And I wrote a book, with my writing partner, Stu. Amazing in it's non-geekiness, unless you like music references. Oh, and Firefly references. It's about a band. And neurotic teenagers. I can send you a link if you like.
      We're working on the second one now, and hopefully it will be done before the second coming.

    3. Coolest Aunt ever, I love it. You know that's a slot in the Coolest Family member Hall of Fame right? One day I hope to be enshrined there my durn self.

      And yes, send me a link please I want to know what you've been writing missy.

      Random I've been writing a screen play for (I'm ashamed to tell you how long). So I'm going to just say be proud and share it with us when you can. OA1 out.

    4. Will do. Sent you a link already. And I never would have finished if it hadn't been for my partner, Stu. He's an amazing and talented writer. And very good at putting up with my more neurotic moments.
      I don't know how many other stories I've started in my life that are still "in progress". That finishing hump is the hardest thing to get over. Especially after you think something's done, and an editor marks up the entire manuscript with problem areas you then commence to kick yourself for not noticing. :)
      I'd love to read your screenplay, or hear about it. If you'd like to share.

    5. I'am going to share it with you and maybe use your editor and team to finish this guy off (if their not to expensive). See the way my bank account is set up...

      (Kevin Hart joke)

      Until the next word of power. Long Live the Squad

  2. I may not know the characters or games in every post, but boy the art alone reels me in - these images are fantastic! Seems everyone is a great writer but me - hope I get to read some of both of your works sometime!

    1. Don't worry, as soon as I finish this project I'm telling the World. And these digital artist guys are serious man. I want to do that too.

    2. Dan, you are a great writer. I'm always so impressed by what you, and the other bloggers, do. I couldn't be that creative on a daily or semi-daily basis.

  3. Heh, my daughter just agreed that I should play Skyrim. She says thatmeans she can run around the town grabbing potatoes when I'm busy.