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Black Manta

Monday, October 14, 2013


Michael Jai White: Bronze Tiger

file name:  Benjamin Turner

Affiliation:  Task Force X 
aka,  the Suicide Squad

Abilities:  Ben is a skilled tactician and strategist
but excels as a hunter killer. Even though he rarely kills
his target. The skills of an assassin and his natural
athletic talents are paramount and is only tempered
by his inner Shogun

I've been hearing the casting is inspired. I would say so ( to the obvious choice). The martial arts master of the DCU and the real life martial arts master in the flesh.

Sports fans this should be good. The second episode of Arrow is Identity, featuring China White and DC's ultimate Super Spy the Bronze Tiger.

The shows executive producer, Marc Guggenheim, said

Michael is such a badass. His performance, our incredibly talented 
costumer designer, and our very gifted props master ... they've all combined their A-games
to create a really great representation of this DC comics character. 
If your a fan of the character
from the comics. You are going to really be happy with his Arrow-fication.

Arrow will also feature Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad, Black Canary, 
Sebastian Blood, and the scarlet speedster himself the Flash

Well true believers,  what do you think?
Is the uniform what it should be?
Does the master of the empty hand need Catman's  claws?
Should the Tiger mask show up?
Why was the design so close to Wolverine?
And whatever else you got.



  1. I'll lament the lack of Tiger Mask if they don't use it. You can't tell me with the show's budget and imagination of skilled artists, that they can't duplicate his mask and make it look badass at the same time?

    Either way Arrow is must see tv for me.

    1. I'm good without the mask right now. I want to see how he's portrayed, how the Squad comes together and hope it spins off into their own thing. I watched the Agents of Shield and it was formulated weakness. Haven't even checked back it was that forgettable.

      Arrow is a way better show. I haven't liked the Arrow-fication of some of the DC villains, but overall it's been a good show. The inclusion of Michael Jai and his overall look is grounded Super Hero gold. the master of the empty hand didn't exactly need a weapon, but By Odins beard! my guy is on deck.

    2. Dale, brother I have to recant my statement on Agents of Shield. It's good dude. I went back and got caught up from 2 to 4 and it's on point (shouldn't have judged it by the first ep) my bad.

      Maybe I had an underlying disgust because Task Force X is the show or movie I should be looking at and Marvel got it done with lesser characters.

    3. I'm enjoying it so far. Have episode 4 taped and prepped for viewing.

  2. I'd be fine without the mask, but with that claw he does seem a little too Wolverine. All that aside, though, it'll come down to how it's played. If they get the essence of BT right, I'll have no complaints. It will follow the rest of the show then. At least the characters they've done well with.

    1. Agreed. As long as it's BT we see on the screen everything should be fine, We get to enjoy Arrow without grudge. I am curious to see how they're going to handle Flash though. Because for the life of me, I don't see how they're going to do it without him having full blown super powers.

    2. And it would kind of tick me off if they did. But then, they seem to be going that route with Black Canary.

  3. Right? I guess in terms of modern day fashion and all, I can see nobody wanting to wear spandex. If I was gonna be a super hero I wouldn't either, so I can see the trend that's been around since the first X-Men movie. That being said, there's still a way to incorporate elements of the comic uniform without being or looking silly. Again, it comes down to who designs these outfits for the shows.

    As for Flash, that's a true wait and see situation. I'm damn curious how his speed powers will be portrayed on a realistic show like Arrow. Frankly, I say keep the super-powered people out. It kills the setting of the show.

    1. Yep, that's been the trend, Leather outfits. When like you said there's other alternatives to every super hero having to wear matching outfits it is. It's called creativity and vision.

      What ever the case BT shows up Wed. and the DC / CW get's all the creative credit for that.

  4. really hard to weigh in on this one given that this show lost me after the first couple episodes. best to go in with low expectations this is the CW we're talking about.

    1. That's really the only way to enjoy any CW show. Many episodes that leave you cringing, one here and there that pop for you. It was true of Smallville, and Vampire Diaries. I will say that there are more Arrow episodes that I enjoy overall so far from the first season than there were at that point in Smallville.

    2. You guys know I know. the Royal Flush, Deadshot, Deathstroke, I haven't liked not one of the castings or portrayals. the show is slow at spots and Green Arrow isn't the guy from the comics. So I know this might be a major disappointment. The previews already have BT and China White fighting Green Arrow at the same time, HA! what a laugh that is.

      Here's the good in what could be a bad situation.

      1. Bronze Tiger is going to show up on a hit show. That puts the greatest unknown character of comics in the mainstream spotlight.

      2. Bronze Tiger fans and Suicide Squad fans finally get to see a true character with the potential to carry and kick off a Suicide Squad movie. A Suicide Squad TV spin off or a return to a real S.S. comic series.

      3. B.T. has a legitimate actor and martial artist portraying him. Michael Jai has a long list of well known successful characters under his belt. And a true fan following.

      4.this gives the Bronze Tiger a real chance at his own DC comic book title; His own TV spin off, or dare say be the lead protagonist of a Suicide Squad movie.

      5. B.T. is confirmed to show up in Batman's video game series. Could a cameo, recurring, or lead in other DC properties be next? Animated movie, I say.

      So you see if Bronze Tiger is done right on THIS SHOW we can get all kinds of new material, be introduced to another side of DC comics and they make millions.

    3. You hit all the right points there, Tiger. The only thing that could possibly ruin this is if they have "Laurel" kick his butt. Not likely, but as we've seen, the CW is not known for it's dependability on likelihood. Have I mentioned how much I don't like her? I'm sure I have. Maybe BT can kill her off and Felicity will get more screen time. She's a better actress. And really, more relevant to the plot.

    4. And you know that has to be true if I'm saying that about a blonde. *cough*

    5. Girl that's funny and your right, I like Felicity better. What did you think about last nights episode?

  5. It was good, but damn did BT get chumped at the end. Just not liking this criminal version, unless it's revealed to be an undercover thing, or leads directly to a Suicide Squad mention or appearance.

    Didn't care for the outfit, or claws. Meh. I'll give it another try, but very disappointed so far.

    Felicity just might be the new love interest really soon after last night's episode and character progression. I guess I can see it, but mark my words, if it happens, I expect her to get 'fridged not too long after for added dramatic effect.

    Very intrigued about the "Canary", and how sweet and bitter sweet was the love affair between Shado and Ollie.
    This is just me, but I bet Slade kills Shado, either intentionally to get Ollie to "toughen up" or accidently. Maybe she just gets killed period, but we all know she never left that island alive. And that mask with the arrows through that act as a warning, really seems like a strong clue to me that "man behind the mask" isn't necessarily dead yet back then. Just waiting for slade to claim that identity. Something about the way Slade's acting watching Shado and Ollie makes me think they'll face off down the road.

  6. Well Shlomo did say go in with low expectations and so I did. The good feeling I had going in was accompanied by a hurt gut feeling that they were going to do him wrong.

    Anyway...hopefully it's a Squad undercover mission and the true captain of Task Force X shows up. Because the hired henchman bit will definitely be bad TV.

  7. you're an idiot. bronze tiger never uses weapons and tiger is NOT a spy. get a clue.

    1. I've been waiting on some clown who thinks he knows comics, to have a real debate with. Your just a kid that doesn't know the character or what your talking about. Get yourself some reading material and come back later.

      look up the word spy and cross reference

      people to know: King Faraday, Amanda Waller and or Nghtshade