Black Manta

Black Manta

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Black Manta and the Suicide Squad?

I see Waller manipulated his better judgment. We'll see what happens.

I read over at IADW that Sinestro is about to get a title shot.
Thaal is my dude so of course I'll have a first print #1.
However I got to say it (overstated or not) 

Where the hell is Black Manta #1

Don't think the Scourge of the Seven Seas deserves his own book?  
It's about 2 or 3 different versions of him floating around in DC land as it is right? 
Well so what?.  
Since the new 52 and even before 52, I've seen obscure 2nd rate characters get books in every corner of the DCU. Most of em were trash or didn't yield any return. So as Boss as Black Manta is; an ongoing is over due, and a mini series at this point is damn essential. Don't believe what I say? Let's check this guys credentials.

1. Founding member of the Legion of Doom

2. Has  Hella staying power, 47 yr Legacy character

3. He's the First and only legitimate African American Super Villain

4. Has appeared in just about every DC, Warner Bros animated TV series to date

Flash Point

and in a couple of video games, with a YJ one coming up

5. Has an A list character as his arch enemy

6. Has so many action figures I lost count. From preschool to adult collector Manta is everywhere

7. His son Kaldur'ahm is his blood enemies chosen champion

8. No good Hero is official without a  Heromobile. 
Black Manta has so many he rent  out the ones he don't want

9. Has an arsenal of weapons with potential to rival Batman's

10. Black Manta even has his own damn theme music.

parental discretion is advised


  1. finally, i was wondering if you were gonna post that art work or not. good stuff, i like this posting did you ever see this clip art from the New 52 of Black Manta at Bell Reve busting up this trash talking prison guard? it's pretty bad ass if i new you were planning on a Black Manta posting i would have sent this to you as well

  2. You know Manta is going up over here if he's done right. Thanks for the picture, it's going to be SS#30. So that means Suicide Squad is back on the pull list.

    I don't know what's been going on cause I stop reading SS. I hear the newest writer is quitting after about only 6 months on the title. How many different writers is that now, 3 .. 4. It's like all those bad Punisher movies. They have a perfect template foundation to create from, but still seem to muck it up every time.

  3. That fight on the ship with Deathstroke was mean as! I hope when they relaunch the Suicide Squad (which they obviously will do around the time Arrow and the Batman Arkham games feature it) I hope they will start with a mix of classic members with big hitters like Manta and Slade thrown in.

    Speaking of big hitters, completely with you on Sinestro - Magneto - eat your heart out!

    Thanks for the plug too mr - much appreciated aye. Hey, I just finished drawing your man the Bronze Tiger too - those stripes on his costume can be pretty mean to look right. Let me know if you'd like to see it!

    1. Of course I would like to see it, and post it here. The fight was mean as! I was personally elated and surprised that they did the fight so well. I should give the guys responsible a beer.

  4. Valid points- all. But asking why DC does (or does not do) anything these days is moot. You were just talking about this on my blog too!
    I loved Young Justice. So pissed when it was canceled.
    The stinger in Justice League: War was (SPOILERS) a scene of all these dead fish belly-up in an ocean of pollution from the movie's final battle. And up from the depths rises Ocean Master; all pissed off, and my first thought was not- HOW COOL! it was- Awww, I wish it would have been Black Manta. Even though that wouldn't really make any sense. It was just my first thought- because like you said- he is in everything!
    Nice song- never heard it before. I always think of the 2 Skinnee J's line: "So I battle Black Manta in the bathtub like Aquaman" from BallPoint Man. Great song. "SHAZAM! -I marvel like the captain!" Speaking of- Black Manta even had an amazing singing-voice in that musical episode of The Brave And The Bold! Hahaha!

  5. I'm with the King on this one, DC doesn't know their heads from their asses nowadays, especially if it doesn't have anything even remotely to do with Geoff Johns and his creations. If he was behind a BM project(I said BM project;) You'd be holding a BM#1 in your hands right now. I think Manta has enough story potential to at least rate a 4,6-issue mini like Black Adam did. Do it DC!

  6. Man this post was a shout out to the Black Manta with OA1 talking to his comic book pals. See I already know DC is going to do what they want to do, but if you click on over here your gonna hear and see what I want you to see.

    Hopefully the cool factor comes across when the Tiger Cage talks comics, characters or whatever. If not we can talk about that too,

    With this conversation (on the real) I really don't see the hold up on promoting, marketing and selling this guy. Black Manta is already an off the comic grid underground King.

  7. So- Bronze Tiger got a chance to shine on last night's Colorless Arrow. What did you think???

    1. I think the writers on Arrow are 50% hack and 50% trash. Every episode with the Bronze Tiger has been a shameful representation. On Arrow, Bronze Tiger is a poor mans Wolverine, or worse.