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Thursday, January 30, 2014


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The Suicide Squad is a covert black-ops government strike team under Task Force X. The team is partially made up of imprisoned super-villains who agree to serve as expendable agents on life-threatening top-secret missions for the United States Government. In return, after sufficient service, the prisoners are granted full pardons for their crimes.
The Government does not officially acknowledge the existence of the Suicide Squad, and claims their missions as random supervillain attacks. In addition, there are other non-prisoner members such as Nemesis and Nightshade who participate in the team as part of individual arrangements. The Suicide Squad operate out of Belle Reve prison in Louisiana.
To prevent members escaping in the field, the prisoners are shackled with explosive bracelets programmed to detonate a certain distance from the field leader, who also wears a remote control that can detonate or disengage the bracelets as desired. Typically the field leader will be either Rick Flag or Bronze Tiger.
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Thankx to Dan from

It's a Dans World

for the portal into a great interpretation 
of the Suicide Squad.
The deep rich texture and the 
realistically stylized characters 
pulls us into the high risk danger that is Task ForceX

Amanda Waller
Bronze Tiger
Sheba (attack and rescue chopper)

Long Live the Squad


  1. speaking of art. i left this comment over on K.o.T's blog in regards to your comment about the writing vs the art work in a comic:

    well in regards to the issue of the writing vs the art i've experienced both scenarios. i'm more inclined to hang in there for a book that's well written or otherwise has a story line going in a direction i like even if i hate the art. obviously even though i hated Dikto's art i still stuck it out with Rom till the end. although i have to admit i wasn't that sad about the series coming to an end at the time largely because the art work had caused my enthusiasm for the series to plummet quite a bit. Infinity pissed me off so bad despite the art being good and there even being good aspects of the story but the treatment alone to Galador and it's spaceknights was enough to make me not buy it any more after the first issue.
    in the case of the Suicide Squad from old DCU i am also a huge fan but i despise the New 52 version of the Squad and the relaunch in general. despite the art work having been good i dropped that book after issue 10 because i hated the direction of the writing. it's a real shame when a comic is drawn well but not written well and vice versa because ultimately to me i feel like either the artist or writer kinda put a lot of time and effort into something that was kind of a flop. but when you've got a well written book that is complimented by great art it's absolute magic!

    1. Amen. I can co-sign on this because like you I've enjoyed and suffered thru a combination of both.

      Reading the comments from you guys made me step back and kinda look at the writers and artist that I like and see if I could put a face with a name.

      You know I'm a character driven guy so I want to think I lean more toward good writing. But I find myself being Hella aggravated at bad artwork more than anything. Why? Because the artwork also tells the story.

  2. Thanks for the support Tiger mate - glad you liked the art - and yeah I put a few of my favourites who didn't fit in the chopper to :)

    For me, the artist vs writer debate is the writer - if a great take on a character is done then I'll suffer an artist to experience it. Grant Morrison a prime example. What he brings to the table is so creative. Some of the art on Seven Solders of victory or The Return of Bruce Wayne wasn't as good as I would have liked, but Caveman Batman, Pirate Batman, Cowboy Batman or the whole concept of Seven Soldiers was too awesome to miss out on.

    It's only when I can't tell if the writer is going to bring a cool twist or their a-game I revert back to judging on art. Or price tag ;)

    1. This is factual my friend. Take the new52 batman books. I tried to read em all but Scott Snyder was hands down kicking ass. So that's the one that went to the top of the pull list, even though the artwork wasn't what I gravitate to. David Finch is the type of detailed artwork I like most. Snyder is who I sided with at the end.

  3. Right on, right on! So that's Dan's art? (Yours?) At any rate I like it- especially Lashina. Does everybody here draw then? If so- we should all synchronize a future blog entry- everyone do a pic, and post, of their favorite character... or maybe some obscure character we all do a different version of, or something...

    1. Man I've been wanting to do this for a minute. Dale and Shlomo have both green lit the project. It's me dude that's been slow moving. My schedule plus my sofa calisthenics has made it impossible. But if you guys wanna do it, I'm about to stat on my entry right now, because I know it's going to take me all the way to our deadline to finish something.

      Dan did a damn good job on the Squad. I really like his style (I wonder what he calls it). K.O.T. talk to the Boyz and see what they think. I'm Down.

    2. Cool, cool, cool!
      -I hear you, man... I have not drawn anything in YEARS. Haven't painted anything in even longer... Sofa calisthenics: Ha! -That's about it. I'm probably rusty as hell- but this will give me a reason/excuse/motivation to do something...
      (Dan's style reminds me a little of Bill Maus)

    3. well guys K.o.T gave me a heads up on what your thinking about doing. I think you all will find this more of a challenge then you're anticipating. it literally took Dan months to do that Suicide Squad fan art. speaking for myself if properly inspired and with enough time sometimes I can bang something out within a couple of days. other times I just can't get the concepts in my head down on paper for shit. I'm in that state right now, I've got a few ideas in my head having to do with everything from a Marvel team up with Jack of Hearts and Sabra to a Rom vs The Brood piece. trying to get even just 3 to 4 people to find the same time and artistic motivation to all come up with something on the same schedule would prove. . . . problematic.

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