Black Manta

Black Manta

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ghost Ship

Manta Sub

Black Manta's personal mission command center, flying arsenal and intergalactic star fighter. The Manta Ship the Wraith (so says OA1) is Manta's equivalent to the Batmobile. The Wraith captures the imagination with it's super cool fusion of organic efficiency and technological terror;  the design is / A plus. And the perfect compliment to the scourge of the seven seas.

I remember the Manta Ship taking the Legion of Doom into outer space, traveling thru time and even going head to head with the Invisible Jet and the Batplane.

DC comics is slipping. Syndrome from the incredibles
worked the Hell out of ------ wait for it ... the manta jet.

It's time to see a whole story revolving around the Wraith. It would be cool to see a complete drawing of the Manta Sub in action and seen from different angles of torpedo laser blasting awesomeness. 

Blow up Xebel, destroy some shitty Aquaman military vehicles, deploy the Manta Men against Atlantis, wreck havoc every damn where then burst out of the water flying to a remote Island paradise to drink Mai Tais and celebrate the victories with a harem of butt naked women.

What could be better....right.?.

the Manta Jet from the Incredibles

 Manta class shuttle from some Star Trek game

And DC stupid Ass can barely get the Manta Sub half a panel ..... idiots.


  1. I don't know how familiar you are with Star Trek but that Federation shuttle looks more like something the Cardasians would have. but as for the actual Manta lets hope al=Qaeda or any other terrorist group gets a hold of it. however, I on the other hand would be delighted to take that Manta ship along with plenty of provisions and that harem and do some very deep sea traveling. you pickin up what I'm laying down? by the way I didn't know you were a Superskrull fan. oh a yes a Rom Black Manta and or Black Manta and Bronze Tiger or even a Rom and Bronze Tiger cross over fan art. so many possible concepts and yet so little time. but hey man it doesn't sound that crazy Rom did team up with Shang-Chi the Master of Kung Fu in a couple of issues.

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking, Black Manta and ROM. I can see the stories unfold as we speak.

      I'm pretty much through with BT for a minute. Looking for better days with that guy. The Superskrull might take over the cage after Mantas run around here or maybe Batman. Everybody blogs Batman so maybe not Batman. Who knows what's next. Here's to the future.

  2. Hellooooooooo harem of butt naked women!
    So, The Wraith- eh? Nice.
    God I used to LOVE that cartoon- look at them in that thing... out in SPACE! So cool.
    That Starfleet Manta-class Shuttle is PIMP looking! I've never seen that before- and I'm a pretty big Trekkie... I guess not so big after-all.
    Still you could sub that thing out for Black Manta's ship in a heartbeat! That's pretty bad-ass...
    The Wraith is REALLY what killed The Crocodile Hunter. Fact.
    Another nice post.
    Man- you may have to seek out the Marvel-side of things, if you are done with Bronze Tiger for a bit- because DC is just too awful right now.

    1. Marvel hasn't captured me either. I thought Marvel Now was going to be it with the Avengers titles, Uncanny X-Men had and alright start,but kinda loss the air in it's sails so dude I'm sorta like whatever.

      I will say this though, Aquaman has been good on a consistent basis and is at the top of my pull list. Manta is the revolutionary I want to read about every month (if he had title) but I would still buy Aquamans book as well.

      I wanted to highlight the Manta sub in this post because it's so under used but has unlimited potential.It can literally do it all. The manta ray design has been used everywhere in some of the coolest was possible. You saw how smooth they presented that guy in the Incredibles or how when ever some team needs transportation they go buy or rent a manta sub? What's wrong with applying the vehicle to the guy it came with? Anyway it's a cool ass ship it even has a spot in the Federation.

  3. Digging this post, and yes mostly due to the nekkid womens. But you make a damn good point about Manta, as usual. I didn't even know they apped Manta's ship in the Incredibles. Damn, the more you know right?

    Don't worry to hard Tiger; As long as that hack Johns is around, he'll take care of Manta and all his villainous man-boy crushes;)

    1. Say johns has man boy crushes? That's hilarious. But if your asking why Black Manta hates Aquaman I think part of the answer is here Manta is the man against the world.