Black Manta

Black Manta

Friday, March 21, 2014

the Ostrander hotel

the Squad is Assembled

at least a first version debuted on Arrow yesterday. And I must say, It brought back a semblance of the real Ostrander Squad; international intrigue, romantic danger, lies, double crossing and of course the secret mission gone wrong ... the Suicide Squad.

I don't really like Dig em but he even fit in well with the mix and match team of criminals forced to do the bidding of the now slim and sexy Amanda Waller. Did I mention they even had the supposedly unnoticed unmarked van for a get away.

Amanda Waller


Bronze Tiger


I wonder is Shrapnel going to eventually look
 something like his comic version?

Layla (field leader)
Diggle her side kick

and my girl even had a teaser cameo

my favorite creepy sexy therapist, Harley Quinn

The episode had all of the elements of what the Suicide Squad is. 
A few more showings like this one, 
and nothing should be able to hold the Squad back from a full fledged spin off
 series or live action.. I got to admit ... this time the CW got it right.
Long live the Squad 


  1. Yeah- I'm hoping this was a back-door pilot, like Flash was... Even if they just did a TV movie or special with The Squad I'd be happy.
    Shrapnel is probably just dead now.
    -It is The Suicide Squad, after all.
    But he did blow up in a van- so if they were gonna bring him back as metal pieces- I suppose they could. Sounds too high-concept/expensive for a show like Arrow, though.
    I love the guy playing Deadshot. The look is not all there, but- his acting is great.
    Oh, Harley... I hope that little cameo was more than just a treat. I'd like for live-action-Harley to be redeemed after that Birds Of Prey fiasco!
    That ending confrontation with Ollie and Waller was pimp too!

    1. "You two need some counseling? I'm a trained therapist"
      the Ostrander suite
      "Stop giving this guy books"

      Man, the name dropping and references alone was nostalgic euphoria. karl kesel, Luke McDonnell and John Ostrander has locked me into this team. I know this wasn't to dangerous of a mission, but if Sheba had dropped down as they ran to jump on for the escape I would have lost it like a little kid right there in my open room.

      I got one really big problem with the whole thing, Bronze Tiger's characterization. If they ever get that right, I mean really put his superior martial arts skills on screen along with his dual charismatic personality the whole comic genre would be better off.

      Whatever the case Arrow had a damn good showing Wed.

  2. Right?

    I enjoyed it for what it was, not what it wasn't. Like I told Shlomo, better to have some type of love for the Squad, and visibility with the public, than nothing at all.

    I'm sure we'll see more of the squad, especially by the season finale, Arrow clearly needs the Squads' help in dealing with Deathstroke.
    Oh please god, even if it's brief, give us a showdown between the Squad and Deathstroke.

    1. Yeah man, I feel you and I also understand where Shlomo is coming from. For me it's watching the show and everything is going OK an episode or two then the next couple of episodes you want to bust the TV screen.

      And it's not so much the writing it's the shitty spin they put on a character like the Royal Flush Gang. Dude I was pissed. Anyway maybe they'll get one right for Dave so he'll get back on board. Still, don't get me wrong I like what they tried to do with Suicide Squad but I'm still on Shlomo's side for their past transgressions.

  3. First I gotta say I been following this blog awhile and I'm glad someone is covering Bt, now I gotta catch up with Arrow to see how this happened.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the Harley cameo. I rewound and watched it a few times, giggling a little too much. The kids think I'm insane. :)
    I understand that Arrow falls short of the mark a lot, but it still has something that pulls me back in, and I have to keep watching. As much as I'll complain about the little things they get so, so wrong, the even tinier things they get right they do spot on. And this episode was evidence of that. At least CW attempts to keep the comic book feel of the show, unlike a lot of other "super" shows out there, and I appreciate that.
    (Could really do with less island flashbacks. Getting a tiny bit sick of the Lost vibe.)
    A Suicide Squad show has so much potential, I'd love it if someone picked that up. Especially if they had a Flag character come in. Which would make sense since they'd have to leave Diggle behind on Arrow.