Black Manta

Black Manta

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Wonder Woman Princess of Power

Leader of the Justice League of America
and would be savior of the DCEU

After the tragedy of BVS Patty Jenkins gives us Wonder Woman,
Champion of the Themyscira
and protector of the free world. By now we've all seen the movie that was the hope to save the DCEU and we all bowed to our Amazon Princess.
Her movie was good, Pine was good, the story was good, cast was good,
visually stunning and Gal was great.

Yes...she is now my Wonder Woman too.
I'll always love you Ms Carter that's on everything but Gal has stepped into the roll and is representing Marvel-ously.

I know I know you might be saying " Hey OA1 you were the #1 opponent against casting a skinny Amazon an---" And then I saw the movie. Amazons came in all colors, shapes and sizes, skill sets you name it.

Am I still the strongest advocate of the thick and sexy? Yes I am, however in this case Gal like in her movie won the day.
I had to go thru all that to admit that even OA1 can be wrong.
(Not often but it happens)

Guys I wanted to talk about the Justice League movie.
But since I been gone for so long and locked out of my own blog spot I had to address how wonderful Gal worked out as Wonder Woman, how strong the movie was and how I now want Patty Jenkins to do all the DCUE movies or at least my revered Suicide Squad.
I'll do a quick OA1 overview of the Justice League movie
and leave you with Wonder Woman's 90's theme song. 
And forever
Long Live the Squad


  1. Ain't no rule that says a man can't be attracted to more then one kinda body type when it comes to women.

    1. True facts my friend. But the reason I was so against it was that the discrepancy in Hollywood is so bad when it comes to casting women with curves, minorities, lighter skin tones etc. I just wanted them to get this one all the way right. To my surprise Gal was all the way right for this roll, as well as the cast of the movie was spot on. Honestly man Wonder Woman is one of my top 10 super hero movies from this new wave. The movie is strong, Gal is strong and your Boi is on deck. She's Wonder Woman.

  2. by the way i saw your comment about the Squad movie. it's funny just this past weekend i saw it at the library and for a fleeting moment actually considered checking it out. but then i was like naw i don't think so i'm pretty sure it'll be just as shitty as i remembered it to be. till this day i still only saw it once while it was in theaters and i don't feel like i ever need to see it again. i think it was even worse then the Green Lantern movie. by the way speaking of amazing Israeli women here's one i bet you never heard of i know you're gonna find her interesting