Black Manta

Black Manta

Friday, September 9, 2016

Super Heroes Next Big 3

The Triumvirate

Right now is a perfect time to be into comics. The heroic cinematic universe is in full swing, the Avengers, the Justice League and of course the one and only Suicide Squad are just a few of the movies pulled directly from the comic shelf. And true believers...

This might be the new Big 3

Based on what you might ask. Here is the criteria.

1.Live action: each one of these guys has his own movie or TV series.

2. Animation: they all have appeared in an animated movie and or TV show.

If you haven't seen this...Kid your missing one of the best animated features to date.

If your an anime fan, you know this movie is the truth

If your a Blade fan this one has to go in the catalog.

3.Comic book: Multiple collected editions for all 3 heroes.

4. Console/PC: Blade stands out, he has a video game for Blade I and Blade II on Playstation, X-box and game boy. Black Panther and Cage has only appeared in Avengers games.

5.Action Figure: Black Panther (5) Blade (6) Luke Cage (1 and 1 mockery)

That's what you got to have to get nominated. 

Lycanthropy, demon possession, Soul sold to the devil, robots, aliens, monsters
Eliminated Off Top.

And honestly no other mainstream Black superheroes can match the stats of these 3 guys.

debuted nicely in Jessica Jones 
and has his own series to air on Netflix Sept.30th.

owned the Winter Soldier 
in civil war and is set to 
put on for Wakanda as the 

Black Panther Feb. 2018.

The conclusion I've come to is Black Panther, Blade and Luke Cage are the new big 3 in the Superhero genre. Tell me if I'm wrong.

DC comics Big 3

Marvel comics Big 3

The New Big 3

Check Out Cantrous on youtube 


  1. holy shit i had no idea you had this posting up for the past 4 months now. the first Blade film is an all time early Marvel movie classic. Black Panther was most definitely one of the things that made Civil War my favorite Avengers film yet. Luke Cage, like Daredevil completely sodomizes all those shitty regular cable access comic book TV shows like arrow, gotham, flash, supergirl and agents of shield.

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