Black Manta

Black Manta

Monday, January 9, 2012


In the new 52 universe where what we use to know is not what we know, the Bronze Tiger hasn't shown up in the Suicide Squad title yet. We don't know if he'll show up at all or how he'll be represented (Harley Quinn , Deadshot).

Soooo here's how the number one martial artist of the DCU's skills and powers should be done.

Because martial arts represents superior fighting systems developed to enhance the human mind, body and spirit to it's maximum physical and mental abilities.

And what is acheived at the highest levels of Kung Fu.......SUPER HUMAN POWERS to make a long story short; Magic Kung Fu.

With all that said. Heres the challenge for any comic guy or girl that might be tuned in.

1. Can you name any other martial arts character that has powers.
2. Can you name any martial arts style assossiated with a character.
3. Tell me why the Tiger shouldn't have em.


  1. 1) DC: Black Canary has powers; Marvel: Iron Fist and Daredevil both have powers.

    2) Lady Shiva is known for her Leopard Blow; Batroc The Leaper uses Savate.

    3 Tiger shouldn't have powers because, for lack of a better explanation, he's a perfect, human fighting machine.

  2. 1.True


    3.This is also true to a certain extent. The perfect fighting machine never gets drawn or written in ways to show his fighting prowess.

    The Tiger has the same teachers as Batman and or Lady Shiva(O-Sensei).

    Batman has so many powers one being the vibrating hand.

    Shiva has the Leopard blow and is also a master of the empty hand like Bronze Tiger. Invinsible Armor would be perfect.

    And Mr.Zero Welcome to the Squad.

  3. first and foremost you did a beautiful job of putting together those random BT images and making them all look very visually presentational for this posting. as for the powers, in the last 5 years or so i've really come to appreciate non-super powered characters through virtue of them just being "regular guys". the fact that these dudes are such good fighters in terms technique, strategy and using their smarts to exploit weaknesses to the point where they often take down or hold their own with super powered opponents is beyond awesome. it makes those characters feel like their people you could be with the right training and discipline. naturally this makes for characters we can relate to better. BT is one of the best examples of that but others would be Rick Flag, Batman, Adam Strange and arguably Deadshot.

  4. I so agree with you Dave and for the most part this is why BT is my favorite DCU character. But what have we actually seen them do with this guy visually? Nothing. What about his story, love intrest, motivations, splash pages of deastating blows? Nothing. If it wasn't for fan art and manipulations it would be even less.

    Flag, Lawton, Bruce these are my guys but if you ask me Rick should be Ben's supporting character instead of the other way around. So why doesn't BT have his own title? Because we havn't seen him kick no ass. Look at Green Latern his book wouldn't be nothing without Sinestro. Yep I said it.

    The Bronze Tiger has stand alone potential period. I heard that Swamp Thing and Animal man are connected stories. That could be a way to go for the Tiger. Connect him a book with the Suicide Squad.

    Why? Because the Suicide Squad is Amanda Waller. And Batman has martial arts powers lots of em. My favorite is the vibrating hand.

    I just want to see BT cut loose in a big way.

  5. well at least now he has his own blog :) be patient the new DCU is bound to have him make an appearance at some point. we'll be all over that shit when it happens.

  6. Some of the New 52 are already scheduled for cancellation. Men of War comes to mind. After they trim the lineup a little, I think it would give them a chance to open up some other characters, namely the BT. I can't think of anyone else filling his martial arts niche....Seems like it would be worth a shot. I'd read it.

  7. I think Richard Dragon, Shiva, and Tiger as "Charlie's Angels" would work well as a back-up feature.