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Black Manta

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bronze Tiger: Rogues Gallery


Every hero has a list of bad guys that hate him or her so bad that all they dream of is the undoing of said hero. Death, financial ruin, public humiliation, torture are just for starters, the tip of the iceberg in plots and schemes to obliterate the person who's the cause of their pain, real or imagined.

What could cause a person to want your woman, kids, company, to even want your damn dog? Lex has every material thing a man could want but his hatred for a newspaper reporter has no bounds. A self inflicted injury and a case of narcissism off the charts makes Dr.Doom the enemy of the whole world.

You see where I'm going with this? For every evil it has to be a champion. And every champion has a gallery of rogues. A list of bad guys so nasty and diabolical that we can't stand them. We hate the things they do so much we love to see the good guys beat the shit out of em repeatedly. I mean send them to jail.

For the worlds greatest martial arts super spy the Bronze Tiger, I put together this list I'm calling the 5 deadly venom.

These are five of the worlds most dangerous chief super villains with direct connections to the Tiger

1. The Janus Directive
2.The Demon Head and death of Kathy Kane
3.Operation: Atlantis
4.Sarge Steel
5.Final Battle into Apocalypse

So what do you think? Who would you add or who would you replace and how does this rogues list match up against

the Sinister Six

the Rogues

Batman villains


  1. Nice stuff man. I didn't know BT had that many personal villains, Black Manta aside, or do they really have beef with one another?

    Other than that I think you forgot one other evil group. Yes this group is terrifyingly evil, sinister, and just plain fucking mean!

    I'm talking about the horrible, the despicable......................................................

    DC Comics, led by Didio and his unholy regime. They alone are responsible for the dreaded reboot and or holding BT and the real Suicide Squad down:)

    1. Ha Haaa ..... dude; Dale, I LUV YOU MAN (not pulling _ _ _ _ ). This was directly funny and indirectly hilariously the truth.

      Bronze Tiger being who he is from Ostranders run never got any true expansion on what he did individually. We never got to see his back story in detail or what he did in the field. So nobody knows.

      Truthfully. Besides Lord Naga and the Sensei, I made the connections with the battles that he fought and I'm giving a look at who could actually be his personal enemies.

      In Suicide Squad 38 Sarge Steel initiated a personal attack against BT. The Blood Brothers are a splinter assassination group of the C.I.A. and Steel is the facilitator of all meta human govt. agencies.

      Bronze Tiger hit Apocalyse kicked ass and rescued his team. A direct attack against Darkseid's supremacy. The likely assault team or individuals to send after him for punishment is Dr. Impossible and Steppenwolf.

      Operation Atlantis, Bronze Tiger mushes Ocean master in the face, him and the Squad stop Black Manta and Ocean Masters plans and rides out. Black Manta is the enemy of the whole world and any established gov.system besides his own. BT made himself a target of the Black Manta.

      Everybody knows about BT and the Sensei. We just havn't seen it played out in picture. We havn't seen the true why's. And I would give up every book I read to collect this series, action figures and animated movie.

      Every true SS fan knows how many times Kobra has clashed with the Squad. We are just missing the drag out one on one with the Tiger.

  2. that Dr. Impossible guy reminds me of this character from the Villains United mini-series. he was called Mr. Terrible and he wore this jacket that read "Foul Play" down the sleeves. loved the Janus Directive by the way. by the way you're gonna love what i posted on the SS blog today.

    1. Doctor Impossible showed up for a second made some serious moves, put together his own team attacked the JLA directly, got not one but two action figures out the deal and we don't know nothing about this guy?

      Now what do you think about the rogue line up, good bad or indifferent?

    2. i was thinking Ravan should be in that gallery for BT but i'm not so sure. but i'd say that Yakuza meta human martial artist Catseye for sure. remember him from the Dragon's Horde saga?

    3. Ahhhh, how could I forget Catseye? They Do owe us a good fight. The way I figured this bad guy thing to go was, that these five chiefs have underbosses to send against Ben.

      With the Sensei comes the league of shadows.

      Lord Naga has strike force kobra

      Blk Manta unleashes the manta men or the new LOD

      It would be hella cool if Catseye was a member of the LOA, or the Blood Brothers, or not. I just want to see the fight.

  3. I liked it.
    I wonder though, have as relating to Mr.Horrible, has he ever fought Mr. Terrific/Michael Holt?

    Lastly, if DC ever re-published the real SS, who would you like so see as members of the team, why, and what would be their 1st mission?


    1. I think you mean Mr. Terrible, I don't think so. The first time I saw him was in Secret Six and that was it.

      As far as the real Squad I really want to see NightShade, Bronze Tiger, Rick Flagg, Plastique, Deadshot(not directly on the team), Slipknot, Richard Dragon, Onyx, Captain Boomerang and KillerFrost.

      The catch is Not on the bomb in your neck Suicide Squad. I think Flagg, BT, and NightShade have outgroown this team. I would like to see them as Task Force X the independent team of Wallers. Or as the C.B.I. or another team all together.

  4. Yeah, sorry. meant to type that.

    Nice picks, except I'd leave out Digger. He seems more at home with the Rogues than any other group. I'd also have Deadshot in there, but then he leaves to re-form the Secret Six. I'd also slip Giganta and Count Vertigo in there as well.

    Their assignment? Middle East warfare, and a possible battle w/ the League of Assassins/Shadows.

    1. Sounds perfect to me. I hate doing without Harkness though but he wouldn't really fit in. I like adding in vertigo but how did you get Giganta? I love myself some Giganta dude. She sexy and tough at the same time, depending on who does the drawing.

      Middle East Warfare sounds good. After what went down in Egypt I can imagine so many missions there.

  5. Giganta's not a traditional pick, but then at the time, neither were the initial members of the old Squad either. I got the idea to use her after her appearence in a side squad of the Secret Six, where she finally got her wish and killed an Atom-like character in the villainous Dwarfstar(think evil Atom)

    I believe this was in response to to Dwarfstar having a major part in the death of Ryan Choi, the then current Atom. Of course now that that's moot, we'll see what happens. But yeah, imagine an angry 50 ft. woman stopping your way? Yeah, I'd run too.