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Friday, July 20, 2012

earth 2: Justice Society of America

the JSA

I don't really know why DC comics has so many different earths. Earth 1, Earth7, Earth16 or so many duplicates of the same character. Whatever the case I was raised in this genre on the Super Friends. Eventually I was introduced to the Justice Society of America and even today I don't think I respect another super hero team as much as this team of Heroes. Jay, Alan and Fate were always the top tier for me now they go and do what they did to Alan Scott in the new earth2. I'm just going to say I don't like it and keep it moving.

The current earth2 series is going to retool all of the JSA into younger and different versions of the original. Besides my one major gripe the book has been OK. Until book3 and it moved into AWESOMENESS!!! The first redesigned villain to show up is none other than the living zombie.........


The Warlord / Gladiator  trappings, rot damaged body and a new power set to boot. This is a seriously dangerous and visually imposing character. I'm overly impressed.

Solomon Grundy is one of the 13 members of the Legion of Doom.
Who would be in your 13 member line up?


  1. this Rot guy reminds me of a character from the last Ghost Rider film. when he touches something it rots and dies. their was a scene where he grabbed a Twinkie but it didn't rot. that was probably the best scene in the whole movie.
    speaking of movies i just got back from batman not too long ago. look i'm just gonna paste my thoughts on it cause i don't feel like rewriting to all the people who're gonna wanna know what i thought:

    Batman was quite a wild ride! off hand I liked it for the most but my brain is still processing it all. tThe movie casts a huge net as far as all the issues it addresses and has a very complex story line. Even more so then I anticipated. It actually feels like it’s on the verge of being overwhelming at times but I think what I liked about it the most was the way things started to fall into place toward the end. My advice, pay close attention to the movie it will help you follow the story better and don’t leave your seat until it’s over. By the way, I found out about that shooting in Colorado just before I went to see it today. i'm hearing more details about it now. unfucken real it reminds me of those nut jobs in North Hollywood years ago who got into that urban shoot out with the LA SWAT all afternoon after that bogus bank heist! it turned out these guys were big fans of the movie HEAT.

    1. Fantasy being played out on lifes stage is not cool. In fact it's sadly tragic. I pray for all the families involed.

      As far as the movie, I liked it. I think maybe they tried to do to much with the supporting characters. But overall a good movie. Did Bane remind anybody of Mad Stan?

  2. I guess the new Grundy's okay, but I like and prefer the old one myself.

    I still have mixed feelings about the rebooted version of the JSA; on one hand I'm glad their getting attention again, and James Robinson loves the Golden Age characters, so I guess their in good hands, but I'm not liking the new costumes for Alan and Jay. I'm sure the others will be fine, but so far ugh! Not to mention the new Alan is gay thing.

    Other than that, the book does have a good premise in that the holy trinity of DC is dead on this world, so it allows the JSA to shine uninterrupted. I just don't think the book's going to last that long personally.

    We'll see.

    As for my choice for the unholy 13, I guess I'll stick with the primary crew of Sinestro, Luthor, Grood, Grundy, Black Manta, Cheetah, Giganta, Brainiac, Riddler, Toyman and the Joker. But I'll add Dr. Light and replace Captain Cold with the more powerful Prof.Zoom in there. Other than that, I think the basic line-up from Ross and Krueger's Justice maxi was the perfect and ideal LOD.

    1. I didn't want them to change any of the JSA's uniforms at all, just make them a little younger if you had to, since that's the direction DC is going in to attract younger readers.

      I wanted the real Nabu as Dr.Fate but other than that lets just tell some good stories. I'm with you, I hate the new Alan Scott all the way around and I don't like the new Flash costume. I still don't like what Robinson did on cry for Justice and I hate his Justice League run. This post was suppose to be about the good points. I don't want you to think I didn't see the shitty parts though.

      Now to the 13 most ruthless villains the world has ever known.
      1. Lex Luthor
      2. Black Manta
      3. Sinestro
      4. Captain Cold
      5. Cheetah
      6. Giganta
      7. Grodd
      8. Solomon Grundy
      9. Brainiac

    2. i'd say Maxwell Lord also belongs on that list. the way he blew Blue Beetle's brains out and after wards was so casual and arrogant about it all.

  3. Naww, he's too arrogant even for this list. Plus he didn't see himself as a villain, and while I'm sure that applies to a good number of the people selected here, Maxwell Lord really, really doesn't feel he's evil; just misunderstood:(

    Personally I didn't like the "he was always bad" retcon, but at least the way it was explained kinda' made sense.

    Poor Ted though. I'll think I'll always be forced to remember him that way; defiant to the end, but then gets his brains blown out so casually. Now that's a villain!

    1. What happened to Ted ended an era and enriched comics, engraved Wonder Woman into the hierachy of the most hardcore fighters in comics and made way for the new Blue Beetle. No one can deny how good the new outfit is. This crisis ended in triumph

      Max was just a cog in the wheel. He actually should have stayed dead.

  4. Here, here. He is though now right?

  5. The moment I saw Grundy in Earth 2, I was reminded of Necron from the Blackest Night series. The design is similar, and it may not be an accident as over in Green Lantern, William Hand has rediscovered a Black Ring. It is possible that the Green/Grey/Red may be tied into the emotional spectrum on some level, and over on Earth Prime, there is a Rotworld event coming.

    1. Damn, exactly. I didn't think that it could all tie together, but I like it. I would even like a black latern that didnn't look like a corpse.

      Hector, thankx for coming over and welcome to the Squad.