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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

the Amazing Spiderman

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility

This not only goes for Spiderman. It also extends to the producers and screen writers of this film. People you have a template to work from! You didn't have to change Spiderman's origin to put your own creative spin to the movie.

The inclusion of  Peter's family was a great idea and could have replaced trying to re imagine Peter's high school relationships and experience's. Instead, the parents didn't even matter at all, they added nothing to the movie of any significance. The parents plus the high school crap made the film drag and drag for half the movie; another thing among many that was wrong, was Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Sally Fields and Martin Sheen are both great actors, I luv em both but they got casted to roles that were written completely wrong. Peter also never had enough time on screen being Spiderman. And why can't Spiderman keep his mask on, Damn! The Garfield guy was OK, not sarcastically funny at all,  and kind of a drama queen but OK.

The animation guys and that team of folks did a hell of job on the look and feel of the movie. The Lizard was done superbly  even though his head should have been more alligator than Killer Croc.

After the lizard premier I thought DC had lost their chance at putting Killer Croc in a movie, but that's a lie. Richard Dawson says..."DC gets to steal a chance at doing this right".

Emma Stone was renowned. Every frame that she showed up in helped hold the movie together. To bad it wasn't a movie about Gwen. The return of Spiderman's web shooters also helped. At the end, the movie tried to finish strong with action, fine swinging and a couple of action pauses. My crew still left the theater disappointed.With that being said.

 We all went as a group to see the movie, and in consensus we ranked the movie on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. 5 being the highest. This movie gets

2 and a half stars

Even though Spiderman III almost destroyed the franchise, the Amazing Spiderman is only a hyped up forgettable nothing.

The 10 greatest superhero movies of all time

1.the Avengers
3.Spiderman II
4.the Dark Knight
5.the Incredible Hulk
6.Batman Begins
7.Blade II
8.Iron Man
9.Superman (Christopher Reeves)
10.X-Men II

What's your top 10


  1. Thanks again for proving me right in skipping this film. Good lookin' out man:)

  2. No problem. $10.50 per person times whoever your springing for. $9.50 for popcorn and soda $2.75 for raisinets plus whatever your date wants plus kids and nephews = I got amazingly fucked.

  3. i voted the movie a half of a star because the movie changed almost everything that i liked about spiderman.they didn't have the right people to play his grandparents,harry,Mary Jane didn't show up in the movie and more.the movie was just terrible to me.

    1. Messiah Stone is a hardcore moniker compadre. Welcome to the Squad. The movie had so much potential man and I had big expectations. The movie just didn't deliver. And my money is still gone.

  4. oh man these are some brutal reviews of the new Spiderman. i was gonna see it today but just never got around to it. in light of hearing all this i'll most certainly be seeing a matinee early bird special later this week. by the way OA1 thanks for the comments on the ROM and SS blogs.
    it would take a while for me to compile my top ten list but i can tell you any of the X-men films as well as any of the Blade films after the first would not be on it. that's not the Ang Lee HULK up there on your list is it? Spiderman II was good but i like the first one best so that would probably be on my list. i liked the Avengers but i'm not sure it would be on my list i'd be more inclined at the moment to have THOR instead . . .

  5. . . . ok here we go: Spiderman 1, Blade, HULK (Ed Norton), Iron Man, Blade 1, both Nolan Batmans, THOR and Superman (Chris Reeves RIP, a very courageous man). as for #10 i'm kinda torn. i kinda wanna say The Avengers but unlike all the other movies i've only seen it once. Captain America was pretty good especially as a primer story for the Steve Rogers character but i'm not sure it makes the top ten even though Chris Evans deserves major props for his performance.

    1. Shlomo, you got a good list my man and it sort of makes me want to take X2 out and plug in Superman II. I can't believe you didn't like Blade II. The Blood Pact, plus the fight in the sewers with the Reapers was off the meter.

    2. it's me Shlomo. among the people i know who have seen all three Blade movies we basically regard the last two as being inferior. but it's all good it's not like you had John Carter on your list. by the way next SS posting is gonna have some cool BT clip art you may not have seen yet.

    3. i'll post it as soon as i see Spiderman which should be in a day or two. i might as well critique it a bit in that posting along with the SS stuff i already have ready to go.
      by the way did you see the Facebook messages i left for Adam Glass in the Team 7 posting?

  6. Yeah Spidey sure leaves a bad taste in your mouth. hopefully the next gets a major shakedown before rolling on.

    my top 10 in no particular order; Blade, V for Vendetta, Sin City, Dark Knight, Hulk (Ang Lee), Superman II, Avengers, X-Men 2, Spider-Man 2, The Rocketeer.

  7. Dan I forgot about Sin City, good one. Your list is a good one, sometimes 10 just isn't enough. I wonder what would be the name of a movie that crosses Avengers, Sin City and a Kung Fu flick?

    1. just saw it and i gotta say i liked it for the most part. the thing is i just went into the theater with out any baggage about what i thought a Spiderman reboot should be and just watched it and took it as a movie at face value. i was never super passionate about it in the first place so i never got caught up in all the hype. one thing that stands out to me that i didn't care for was how they made the Lizard look. i liked his face but over all he looked too CG. he wasn't very believable looking especially during the fight scenes. i think this version of Spiderman had a very subjective quality to it so i think it's just one of those things where you either like it or not. i wouldn't presume to argue with anyone who didn't care for it. by far the worst superhero movie this year was ghost rider. if you could consider it a superhero movie john carter would be one of the worst of all time.

  8. Glad you like the movie (somebody had to).
    I'm joking (no I"m not).

    Were you saying you just didn't think about who and what Spiderman is to the superhero world?

    Or were you saying Spiderman isn't a thing to really think of as an established superstar with a rock solid foundation that's ingrained into the fabric of the everyman?

    Basically the truest idea of what a hero is suppose to be.

    Either or, my thought while watching the movie was, did they ask Stan Lee before they put this shit out?

    1. i knew that regardless of whatever this movie turns out to be we'll always have the Sam Raimi version. as i said before Spiderman 1 is on my top ten list with #2 being a close contender. the 3rd one wasn't great but i think it was somewhat better then most give it credit for. so to me this new Spiderman was just an alternate version for your imagination to play with. maybe if you think of it as a Spiderman story on a parallel Earth it might be easier to digest?
      either way you look at it this new Spiderman movie was still way better then both FF movies which is something much more worth being upset about since there aren't any better FF movies out there. or how about the Star Wars prequels? in my mind they don't exist and thank God Chris Nolan fixed the Batman movie franchise cause all that fucken shit from before never should have happened either.

    2. Maybe a post of the 10 worst superhero movies should come next. Fantastic Four I and II were a disgrace. all in all this one has had some good conversation some different opinions and a new idea.

    3. oh man "Twilight in spandex" that's pretty brutal ;) but funny!

  9. Well OA1 my list is pretty close to what you had
    coming in at 1.(Ed Norton) The Incredible Hulk i felt like the movie stayed pretty true the original Hulk and it also gave some hardcore violence that wasn't too graphic for little kids ,but just enough for an older audience to see The abomination stab Hulk with his elbow and get choked to sleep with a chain as a response. 2.The dark Knight 3.Avengers 4.blade 1 5.spider man 2 the clock tower fight beat out the first movie 6.Iron man 7.blade 2 8.Batman Begins 9.spider man 1 10.X men first class

    1. Ghost! What's up Gen.Warrior #1. The Incredible one did kick some ass. On the real the Incredible Hulk gets the utmost respect from me. They gave us a true superhero movie with action, drama and suspense. Add great cinematography and story that paid homage to Lou Ferrigno's Hulk, stayed true to the comic book and is the very best rendition of a superhero in any movie to date. This movie should be in everbodys top 5 list based on criteria alone.

  10. The new spider man movie was actually alright to me. Although i think the more i watch it the more its value will diminish. I disliked the some of the flaws in the origin remake. I also didn't feel like he fight the lizard. He was more aggravating than anything. He was more of a Nat than a Spider to me because it seem like he just bothered him until he got mad and ran away. Don't get me wrong though i know that's what spidey does because in all actuality the majority of his villains out power him with no problems. If you look back to some of the cornier scenes he was just too strong to do everyday things and when he fought the lizard in the school the lizard smashed him into the wall several times and it didn't even phase him. So i was really put off by the action scenes he could have at least smashed the lizard in the face one good time with a desk or something. Now that i think about it there are allot of things that i had a problem with i just wont go into further detail.

    1. i think you and i may be the only people out there who thought the movie wasn't that bad. i too didn't like a lot about how they did the Lizard. he looked really fake to me for the most part and seemed like he should have been easily able to kill Spiderman at any point during their fights. also, remember when the cops shot up the Lizard? well despite his "healing factor" what about all those bullets in him after he reverts back to human? unlike Wolverine it didn't seem like his body pushed the bullets back out during the healing process.

    2. Spiderman is one of my all time favorite superheroes. So on my top ten list Spiderman 1 would be number one; not just because he is my favorite superhero, but because as movies go period; Spiderman 1 was the best. That being said I didn't think that the amazing spiderman movie was that bad. I would give it 3 out of 5 stars.
      That being said, yes there were some things about the movie that messed it how come Spiderman can't keep his flipping mask on. What's the point of having a "secret" identity if you're not gonna keep it secret. Not only did he not keep his mask on, but everybody in the whole movie including aunt May knew that Peter Parker was Spiderman.

      And if you're gonna do a Spiderman origin movie how can you even make the movie without having uncle Ben say, " with great power,comes great responsibility". That quote is what keeps Peter Parker focused and honest and keeps him going when times are hard and it was left out! I don't care what universe the story is set in. This is core spiderman stuff and it was disappointing to not hear it.

      I did think that the scene with Stan Lee in the library was cute.

      Enough rambling, my top ten list goes like this:
      1. Spiderman #1
      2. The Avengers
      3. The Incredible Hulk (Ed Norton)
      4. Iron Man #1
      5. Spiderman #2
      6. Blade
      7. Batman Begins
      8. Wolverine origins
      9. Superman #1
      10.Superman #2

      It was very hard trying to come up with a top ten list because as far as superhero movies go. The moviemakers never seem to be able to get it right.

      Maybe it's time they made a Bronze Tiger movie!!

    3. LisaGemini, I think I Love you....a Bronze Tiger or TaskforceX movie is exactly what I wanted to get from this posting.

      If they are going to keep putting out sorry ass mediocre superhero movies (that may kill the trend) why not produce a TaskForceX movie? Wanted came off pretty well and made decent money and no one outside of comics guys like us knew wanted was a comic book based movie.

      If they take the approach of Justice League Unlimited's TaskForceX episode we would have a winner.

      And with great power comes great responsibility. Thank you for that, you know what Spiderman's story is suppose to convey. If you catch a minute, go over to It's a Dans World and check his Amazing Spiderman post. Cheers.

  11. can you imagine oa a sin city kung fu avengers?! some characters like Cage Ares and Hawkeye would fit right in others like Vision would take a little rwist but it'd still be awesome

    1. cmon brotha let's get some BT fan art going! Eye of the Tiger!