Black Manta

Black Manta

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the man with the Iron Fist

the Blacksmith
Character prodigy of the RZA
is the man with the Iron Fist. The movie comes out Friday and of course your man OA1 will be in the building for what I believe is the beginning of a new epic franchise that's well overdue. Were going to get martial arts superheroes (magic kung fu).
Let it be said that you heard it here first, from the beginning of this blog
that the DC universe has this character and movie in the
number one American super spy of TaskForceX.
Here's to that rock star Quentin Tarantino and
my man the soul collector, Bobby Digital.
Looking at the Bronze Tiger movie poster
what do you think the plot would be?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Face Off

     Deadshot                          Paladin


Well, here it is Marvel vs DC
in a showdown of the best Mercenary in the business.
Who do you think is the best?
Or do you think the Punisher could beat em both?

Monday, October 8, 2012


Ascension of the Samurai
The Bronze Tiger has been Ronin, is Samurai and must find the sword and bow of Sakanouye-no-Tamuramaro to become shogun. The armor and weapons of the 1st Sei-i Tai is his birth right and the key to crushing the oni that has been released against the world.
Sakanouye is looking  over one of the last sons of Tamuramaro, the Bronze Tiger (SS:OA1).
Sakanouye-no-Tamuramaro:Sei-i Tai, Shogun of early Japan, 1st man to hold the title Shogun, which is the highest rank to which a warrior could aspire. Tamuramaro is a Japanese man of African decent. The most celebrated Black general of the Heian period (794-1185) and the originator of what was to develop into the renowned Samurai class.
The word shogun means savage destroyer. A shogun is a hereditary governor of Japan. A ruling warlord. They were the absolute rulers until 1867; the warrior kings. Sakanouye is the conqueror of the indigenous Ainu / Emishi and the demon crushing avatar of the Bishamon. Many temples are dedicated to him as the avatar (check Chinese and Japanese historical records and mythology). Sakanouye is a Black man that's Japanese. Japanese culture and native. what should be known is that Tamuramaro was a paragon of military virtues, loved and is celebrated all over Japan and a hero in his own right.
Killing demons
The purpose of this posting is not only a history lesson, but to also show that it's material out there to pull from and it's absolutely no reason the Bronze Tiger shouldn't be featured in the DC universe, in a title in an animated series and in any other medium at DC's disposal. Able to take on the most skilled all the way up to the most powerful.
"It's not Marvel and DC's place to create our stories. We should create our own stories"
Dwayne McDuffie

Monday, October 1, 2012

Girl Power

The Ladies Represent

and not just for us to act a fool over
(But I will fight the Iron Fist for Misty Knight).
Strong, Independent and absolutely Devastatingly good at what they do. So here's a couple of snap shots of some power hitters from the Marvel and DC Universe's.

I read the Villains for Hire mini series after Heroes for Hire because it sort of mirrored the one and only Suicide Squad and discovered Misty Knight. I knew her from Power Man and Iron Fist, Shadowland and so on, but I got to see a Misty Knight that can hold her own with out Collin Wing, Danny Rand and Luke Cage. Hope Marvel doesn't give up on her, she's the real deal.
the best of the DCU
It's a damn shame Nubia is missing from this picture and missing from the DCU all together. Wonder Woman's twin sister is amazing and would add something that has never existed before to the new DCU.
I guess they thought she was playing.?.
 Diana kicked Green Lantern's ASS!
More proof that the women do cosplay right. They own it.
Who is your favorite five Suicide Squad girl members?
Who is your Super Seven?
combining both universes to get your top seven Ladies.
Pam Grier
Misty Knight